2008 Daily Blurbs

The ongoing saga of the gun purchased in Boone and shot around the Country!
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2008 Daily Blurbs

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Tuesday December 30th, 2008

Tuesday is here already and the New Year is upon us. I have been taking some heat for not showing up at the Buckhorn shoot Sunday. Both Dean Egert and Don Kaufman have chastised me for skipping the windy event.
If you want to shoot New Years Day the Lynchburg VA GC has a 300 target program. I wish I could make it but I will be in the air about noon Thursday headed to Texas.

Sandy Mitchell sent me an email Monday night with a catchy sign to read. It said "I will keep my guns, my money and my freedom and you can keep the CHANGE!. I replied to him via email and included my cell number. All of a sudden my cell phone started ringing and it was Sandy. We talked about some of NC folks he still knows and we talked about the old times at Pinehurst. We also sent him the link to the chat room and he jumped in for a brief chat! Hopefully he will show up in the room in the near future!

Looking into the 1st full week of the NEW YEAR we have two registered shoots. Old [email protected] will host the 1st BIG50 of the year on Thursday the 8th of January. The Rockingham GC will host "The New Year Open" on Saturday the 10th of January. Of course the next week is the Dixie Grand in Odessa Florida. Folks will be headed down there from all over. It remains to be seen if we will attend the event.

We hope everybody has a great Tuesday and hopefully we will get the BGC scores posted soon. Hey Lou (FR)

Monday December 29th, 2008

The Christmas Holiday is over and all that is left is the New Year celebration. Time sure flies when your having fun and it even flies when your not. All in all we had a great holiday and really enjoyed the time off. We made it out to the Rock Saturday and the weather was almost perfect with little or no wind. We posted the story on NC Trapshooting/NC Club News.
BGC shot Sunday and they had a better than expected turnout even with the iffy weather. Word on the street is that Jeri “she’s the man” Wilson tied with Don Kaufman for hi-gun singles with 98’s. Somebody got a punch for a 91 and I have no idea who won the doubles or the HOA. Jimmy didn’t shoot and of course I didn’t show up which took the pressure off the field – yeah right. Marty Hill and Marty Wood made it today along with Elmo Matkins winning the SV singles with a 93. I HOPE that James Wilson will post the scores SOON.

The HOF board is meeting this weekend at the Homegrounds. We hope that the board can establish a date for the 2009 HOF and stick to it. Also it will be very interesting to see who will be inducted into the HOF at the Isothermal Community College gala. I would also like to see a statement regarding the hubbub surrounding the consideration for installing a switch/button to disarm the ERAD’s at the scorers stand. I know it will get worked out and like Rodney King said – can’t we just all get along?

I hope everybody has a great Monday and a safe start to the New Year. We are looking forward to a great trapshooting season in NC and I might even crank up the old “Hotshot of the Week”. I am also working on a “Video” blurb that you could sit back and view as opposed to reading my pearls of wisdom in the comforts of your home! So take care and we hope to blurb before we head off to Burleson Texas. Yo Lou (FR)

Friday December 25th, 2008

The day after Christmas is always a tough day. All the decorations that need to be taken down and the leftover food and tasty treats in the fridge. The thought of having to return gifts that you really didn’t ask for and the relief of elastic sweat pants. Other than that it is a great Holiday especially when there are small children in the home. We hope you and yours had a great Christmas Day for sure.<p>

I called around a bit Wednesday to see what some of the folks were doing. James Wilson was at the gun club relaxing and several shooters were there practicing. He stated that a fellow named IB went crow hunting earlier in the day and took a shot at a crow. He thought he had hit the bird and lost site of the creature. As he was standing there liquid was dripping on him from above and it wasn’t raining. The crow had flown back to a perch above his head about 15’. Since the crow was sitting still and 15 feet away he was able to seal the deal so to speak. Great shot IB, sort of like shooting a wounded sitting duck.<p>

JC was at home cooking meatloaf and some other items for his get together with his son and grandson Thursday. Folks might not realize that JC is quite a cook and how does he stay so thin and cook so well? I called him Christmas day and he stated that he had a great visit with the family and that he was stuffed like a pillow! He is going to head out to the Rock Saturday for a little practice. He said that he needed to keep his arms and shoulder in shape for the 2009 target season.<p>

With just one more shoot registered shoot in the state of NC Sunday folks are looking forward to the 2009 shooting season. There are several clubs yet to post their 2009 shoot dates and we hope they get them submitted soon. I really wanted to publish a 2009 shooting calendar but I just don’t feel like there is much interest in the project. It would take about 1K to finance the project and we certainly would make our money back. I think we will invest some time and effort on making our famous tarheeltrap.com tshirts and make those available.<p>

TS.com has a thread running about a 11% decrease in targets shot in 2008. Pat Ireland jumped in and said it would be a greater figure than that if the target year had stopped at the normal date. Folks have offered all types of explanations for the drop in total targets shot. There might be a lot of different reasons for the decrease and it might go a little like this. High gas prices, high shell prices, high component prices, change of target year cutoff and folks unclear about targets being shot in Sept/Oct counting for the 2009 Grand, increase in state shooter fees target fees, poorly set targets, no trophies, poor trophies, interest in sporting clays, interest in skeet shooting, interest in rifle/pistol shooting and the list could go on and on. Let’s face it the sport is expensive if you shoot a lot and what is the return? Folks aren’t playing the $$ like they use to and in some cases the cost of the options have been reduced to entice people to play them. Regardless of why folks have cut back it looks like NC has produced a schedule of trap shoots to accommodate the shooting purist. We hope that everybody can get out and shoot more in 2009.
Please for goodness sakes make it to the NC State Shoot and support this event! If you don’t shoot but one big shoot in NC a year, the State Shoot is the one where history is made!<p>

We hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend. Temps today look a little cool and Saturday looks like the day to shoot. Sunday looks warm with winds 15-25. I told the wife that I wanted to run down to BGC to offer a little moral support and ref if they need some help. We are heading out to Texas the 1st-4th to visit my brother in law that lives in Burleson Texas. Then it won’t be long until the Dixie and guess what Santa brought me? I got a Garmin-Nuvi and I can’t wait to try it out and yes I can read a map. Look for a blurb Monday because I will be digging hard this weekend to find some dirt on somebody and it might be you! Are U Full Lou? (FR)

Monday December 22nd, 2008

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas don’t you think? There are just a few more days of shopping and getting that perfect gift for somebody special. I don’t know if you have been to the local mall but folks look like they are spending $$. Anyway, I really like this time of season because I know Florida Trapshooting is just around the corner. I can smell the naval oranges, the flaming goat cheese at the Greek restaurant on the sponge docks and the whistle of the wind through a palm tree!<p>

Old Hickory held their monthly registered shoot and we appreciate the report and the picture of the “fog”. It looks like some good scores were broken and that Charlie Smith is a good shooter! Henry McGinnis won out over Charlie in the singles, Gary Hicks won the caps outright and Bruce Whittemore won the doubles. Charlie posted the top 300 target total for the HOA win! It looks like Charlie and the OH crew has a lot of shoots in the 2009 season and we wish them the best!<p>

The Buckhorn Crew had their annual Christmas Party Saturday and it was well attended with approximately 35 folks present. Two turkeys were deep fried and totally consumed according to James Wilson. I would imagine that Jeri’s famous banana pudding was their and didn’t last too long! I could have made it but I am trying to refrain from allowing myself to be tempted to overeat! Their party is always great and some of the best food you could ever imagine to eat is usually there! Don’t forget that BGC will host the last NC registered shoot of the 2008 year the 28th! I know that Jimmy would love to have you and we hope the weather will hold out for that Sunday!<p>

It looks like the NCHOF board is scratching their heads trying to figure out who to induct into the NC Trapshooting Hall Of Fame. At this time the date hasn’t been established due to who knows why? I just hope it isn’t the same time my trip to Utah is and also not on top of the Hog Heaven shoot. Oh I forgot about the Indian shoot that several of the board members attend. Maybe they will get it figured out real soon?<p>

I talked with Dave Daily over the weekend and he had just shot some registered targets at Myrtle Grove. They had 3 shooters and they shot 200 singles and 100 handicap. Temps were in the 70’s and he had to turn the air on in the jeep as he was heading down the road. Myrtle Grove is a great place to shoot and we hope that they can keep it together so that folks can shoot while on vacation. Dave shot with Dr. Hank Cross from Murrell’s Inlet and Rick Zino aka topinplug on trapshooters.com.<p>

Looks like there were quite a few shooters practicing at the Rock Saturday including Lane Murray, JT Brewer, JC Nunn, Elmo Matkins and a few others. Tom Cox was cleaning and getting the new digs ready to move the trap paraphernalia from the little house on the hill. Elmo shot his Ljutic and wore out 25 along with Lane and I believe JT dropped 3. It was a great day to shoot with minimal winds and cloud cover the theme of the day! Rock Trap Chairman Tom Cox has submitted the 09 shoot schedule to the secretary for approval. According to Tom the Rock will host three 2-day events that include the “Joe Nimer Memorial”, Elmo Matkins and a back to back National Trapshooting Day/Red Dot Powder Shoot. Along with the Lewis Class Fun Shoots it is going to be a busy year at the Rock!<p>
Folks are plotting and planning to head South for the Dixie Grand come January. Richard Colley, Marty Wood, Sweet Lou Carter, Galloway’s, Roush’s, Wilson’s and maybe even Smokem and the Tailgunner will make an appearance at the Dollar. We had a great time last year and I shot pretty good also considering! It is a rather lengthy road trip and we prefer coming back on Monday in case we have to shoot off or need to squad later in the day! Now that JC has some new hearing aids maybe he will be able to hear more if what I say during the trip.<p>

I read on trapshooters.com that Krieghoff is suspending the production of the KX-5. Looks like they have a years supply on hand and are discounting to dealers if they buy 5 guns in the deal. This might be a great time to pickup a great gun and not have to pay through the nose so to speak. Richard Colley has a used KX posted for sale that belongs to AA27AA Trey Wilburn from VA. That is a great gun and it ought to be broken in right about now!<p>

The Chatzy chatroom has been abuzz with activity about every night this week. Marty has been working in Las Vegas and gets lonely at night! Justin Young has been visiting a bit more often and is heading to Alabama for a little deer hunting. He has killed a deer every year since he was 10 years old and he is still in high school, good luck and be careful. Richard Colley has completely refurbished a PW loader and it looks great! RC is one handy dude and can fix just about anything I think. We have been missing Marty Hill, Trey, Twopipe, Old Smoker, SPY2, Hammer, Morg and there are others that need to jump in!<p>

Ok, this might be the last blurb before Christmas unless I dip into the eggnog. I would like to say thanks for all the positive feedback we have gotten either by PM or by email. This time of year is a little thin on trapshooting info so we have to dig a little bit to make it interesting? I am always looking for info or dirt or funny stuff that folks have done or said. Don’t be afraid to post or submit info, it will always be appreciated! Have a great Christmas Holiday and we pray that everybody stays healthy during this time of year! I am listening to the wind howling outside with temps in the 40’s, Florida is looking sweeter every minute! Merry Christmas Lou (FR)

Wednesday December 16th, 2008

Wednesday is here and only two days till the weekend. Old [email protected]c shoots this Saturday and we hope you can make it out to participate.
JC made it up to the Rock Saturday and turned some clay into baby powder. Lane was twisting the new PFS in and JT was providing some moral support. Word on the street is that Glenn Brewer is hanging up the shotgun sports and diving into the rifle shooting way of life. We sure will miss him and we wish him the best with the 22lr.

Terry Roush sure did a great job with his yearly report! Man what a year and some folks really shot a lot and others shot real good!! I really don't have time to discuss every gory detail so I won't.

Hats off to the State Team members and you know who you are! We are proud of all the members and keep it up in 2009! Bill Howe once again was the top target getter in the extended 08 season and l wonder if he will repeat in the shortened 2009 target year?

Even with the high gas and the high lead prices folks still got out to shoot. Some clubs were up and some clubs were down according to the report. As I stated in my thanksgiving blurb a ton of work goes into putting on a good shoot!

It looks like Charlie Brown is slowly creeping up on Glenn Miller in singles and caps. He is trailing behind Ken Duncan and Ken is going to be tough to catch! That is a bunch of targets for sure!

Well it looks like Harlan Campbell will be rollling through these parts sometime in March. Folks is lining up to get a little learning and that is a good thing. I know folks will definitely benefit from his instruction - that is for sure!

In case you haven't heard - South Carolina will continue to host their state shoot in Spartanburg SC. All I can tell you is to be sure to pre-squad if at all possible!

Richard "Kolar-Kid" Colley is getting ready to roll into Florida for the Dixie Grand in January! He loves that cool weather because he is prone to creating mounds of moisture in hot temps. He is one of the only people I know that has a sweat band for his stock! Good luck "TN" as they lovingly refer to him as at the Dixie!

Marty Wood is also getting his mess ready to attend his first big registered shoot at the Dixie. He will be shooting prior to the Dixie in another event at the Dollar. He is gung ho and we hope he can sell his SKB combo to offset some of the cost on the new KX-5 he is sporting!

I hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday and just a few more days to Christmas. I was thinking about rewriting "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house" and adapt it to the nc trapshootng scene. I still might have time to get it written before the 25th! HiLou (FR)

Monday December 15th, 2008

We hope everybody had a great weekend and only 10 days until the jolly fat man flies! It was a busy weekend for some and we will tell you what happened.
It looks like the new trend for shoots is to publish the winners and omit the scores! But heck that is no problem and we appreciate the efforts of folks to post the info!

Ft. Bragg had an ok turnout and Marty Hill won the singles and the caps with Gorgeous George Brown taking the doubles! I don't know what the weather was but we will find out Monday!

Buckhorn GC hosted a Church group at the club Saturday and assisted folks from 9 years old up to 70 years old. Evidently everybody had a good time and nobody got their leg shot off!

Rockingham hosted their monthly Lewis Class shoot and two knotted up for the top spot. Lewis Wyatt and VA gentleman Charlie Rhinehart posted 89's for the lewis split. We will try to get the info on who took the mid and low lewis.

Richard Colley made it to the Greenville SC shoot and was nice enough to post some pix of the flora and fauna. The big guy with the suspenders and the white shirt is Carey Murphy. Richard was hi-gun in the caps with a 92 and missed a punch due to not enough shooters for the punch.

Richard picked up some components at Kettlefoot today and shot is 28 bucks a bag. The Rock is going to need some targets soon and hopefully they will get a component order up real soon!

Only two registered shoots in NC left with Old [email protected] (20th) and Buckhorn GC the (29th). I hope there is some mild weather left around the Christmas holiday so that I can get out and practice.

I have been adding info to the Hall Of Fame section of the website and have quite a few more folks to post information on! If you have any pictures of any of the HOF inductees please let me know!

Jeff Galloway is now an alumni of the University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill. We hauled the tailgunner to the Dean Dome and the convocation was great. We got some pictures and will post them Monday night! Jeff said he was going to Florida and stay for the entire month of March.

The Cowboys just beat the Giants and we have a big week ahead. I hope your Monday is a good one and we will try to post a blurb Wednesday! MC Lou (FR)

Friday December 12th, 2008

Friday afternoon and the weekend is on the way! There is strange weather all across the country with snow in New Orleans and thick ice in the North Eastern states. Thank goodness it missed us and went on it’s way! The weather is looking good for Ft. Bragg Saturday with 50 degrees with sun and minimal winds! Sunday also looks good for the Rock with 52 and partly cloudy skies!
Lane Murray and Scott Shoulars went on a road trip to see Bob Schultz Tuesday. Lane was in search of a Precision Fit Stock and Bob fixed him right up. Lane said he had a nice shop with a work bench and a gun rack with some eye candy for viewing. Hopefully this stock will take a little of the pounding away from his handicap loads. Only time and targets will tell if this is what the doctor ordered.

Saturday the Rockingham board members will be posting the back side of the club property. There has been some new signage put up and we hope that posting the land will keep the locals aware of where the club property stops and starts. I would imagine that folks might sneak in and hunt but I have no way to confirm that. We also hope to get the carpet installed so that we can move the shoot stuff down to the newly renovated structure. That way we can get everybody signed up in a bigger area!

I had a chance to talk with Steve Morgan today and he is still on the mend. It looks like he is healing up well and now all he has to deal with is getting the pressure in his left eye stabilized. They had hope to travel to Florida to shoot at the Dollar but it looks like that won’t happen this year due to doctor bills etc.

I got a little update on the Patterson’s today and it looks like they are settling into their new home. Evidently the house has a ton of ceramic tile and Sandi took it upon herself to scrub it clean. During the cleaning process she tripped over the cleaning bucket and wound up injuring her leg requiring stitches. We hope that she is doing ok and heals up nicely. Also, Chuck has made it to a couple of trap shoots in his area and we hope to get a report on that soon! Here is the email address I have for them [email protected] – tell them Freddy sent you!

Jimmy Wilson will be entertaining church group Saturday at the Buckhorn Gun Club. I am sure everybody will have a good time learning to shoot and we hope some will come back again. Jimmy stated that they will have and open trap available for folks wanting to practice. The Rock had a scout group last weekend and Ron Anderson did a great job assisting them with both skeet and trap! It is great to see new faces on the trap range that is for sure!

ESPN TV engineer Marty Wood was sitting in the truck last night during the College Football Awards in Orlando Florida. He was in the chatroom up until he had to shutrdown after the program was over. Richard Colley is going to install Marty an adjustable butt plate for his new KX-5 and if you know anybody that wants a good looking SKB Combo give Marty a call.

Word on the street has it that the yearly NCTA newsletter is in the mail! Terry Roush publishes a yearly newsletter that is chocked full of great information. I will try to scan and publish the pages that weren’t printed on colored paper. It will be interesting to see who made the state teams based on averages. Jimmy Wilson had a wonderful year and might take the points and average accolades outright! Harlan Campbell is to blame for all of this and I will speak to him personally in March!

The “tentative” NC State Shoot Calendar has been published with a few clubs still to report their dates. It looks like another full year and with gas and lead prices going down hopefully more folks will get out to spread the lead! The HOF dates are still to be determined and I would imagine that the HOF won’t be the same weekend as the Hog Heaven shoot. I just hope it isn’t the same week I go to Utah, you want to be that it will? If your club hasn’t submitted dates yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Wayne Mladek from Ohio called me the other day and we had a good chat. He lives in Ohio and is a good friend of Bob Batke who also lives in Ohio. We met and shot with Wayne and Bob at the home grounds several years back. Wayne and his wife are getting ready to head to Florida for the winter and he shoots at the Dollar. Anyway, Wayne is on the mend from an issue with his big toe. Evidently he got blood poisoning after coming into contact with water while he was digging a trench for some drainage at his house. We hope he gets straightened out before he has to “TOE” the line at the Dixie!

Somebody posted that the Silver Dollar would be hurling Lawry targets at some of the major shoots. The guy might have been a troll but it stirred up a hornets nest and of course I had to add my 2 cents worth. I saved a lot of the correspondence that was generated from the broo-ha-ha when Ft. Bragg decided to use the Lawry. I believe that Lawry makes a good product but if I were to take a survey of NC shooters that shoot a substantial amount of competition registered trap targets, White Flyer would be their choice. Of course some folks would say it didn’t matter and others would say that the target is just as good.

This just in – Virginia’s Trey Wilburn just informed me that he received his AA27AA pin recently and hats off to this great shooter! I first met Trey at the Watauga Gun Club when Jeff Galloway and I were there for a shoot. Jeff and Trey hit it off and we were excited to see someone as dedicated to shooting good scores. Trey plays a mean round of golf and was a long drive golf champion along with being a former pro baseball player. Trey and I corresponded via email on several occasions regarding everything from guns to the brain game. I could go on and on but I will stop right there. If you would like to drop him an email to say well done – here it is! [email protected]

Ok that about wraps it up for now and we hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend whatever you plan to do! I might get to practice Saturday and then Church Sunday morning – Jeff’s graduation and then the Christmas program at the Church Sunday night! It will be a busy weekend for me for sure! For those of you that shoot this weekend – keep your head down and SMOKEM. HHLou (FR)

PS – All previous “BLURBS” can be found under The Lodge then Kolar Combo #1392 then Daily Blurbs – Enjoy!

Tuesday December 9th, 2008

Good Tuesday morning and I hope the weather gets a little warmer! I have been busy and trap news is a little hard to find these days. Folks are a little hesitant to give up any info thinking it might be published on the internet. Hey like I said before – if I don’t get dirt I will just make stuff up!
There were a few shoots to report on including the BIG50 at Old Hickory, snowy Kettlefoot and windy Rockingham. It looks like the BIG50 had cold bleary conditions while Kettlefoot had the white stuff and cold to shoot in. Rockingham had sunshine and wind 15-25 mph at 40 degrees. Shooting in the wind, snow and rain is fun for some and murder for others! They asked Richard Colley why he wasn’t shooting at Kettlefoot and he replied – have you looked outside?

The “tentative” 2009 NC Shoot Calendar has been posted on both NC websites. Several clubs will submit their dates in the very near future. NC State Shoot has moved back to it’s original time slot and the HG will host a Fall shoot. It looks like a whole lot of shooting will be going on in 2009. I haven’t heard from the NC board regarding whether a printed color calendar will be published for 2009. We will need to get hopping to get it published in either late December or early January.

There are two shooting events in NC this weekend including Ft. Bragg and Rockingham. Saturday Ft. Bragg will host a typical 300 target program and the weather looks good according to Accuweather. Sunday the Rockingham GC will host a non-registered Lewis Class Shoot beginning at 1PM. We hope that you will be able to get out and shoot this weekend!

Sunday December 14th at 2PM Jeff Galloway will be graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill. We will be attending the ceremony along with the tailgunner JC Nunn. Most of you know Jeff and have shot with Jeff over the years he has been competing. Jeff and I started traveling beginning at the HOF in 2003 I believe. NC trapshooting has watched him grow into a great young man and of course an excellent trapshooter. I know his parents are extremely proud of his accomplishments and he has been able to compete at a high level even while attending UNC. Please drop him an email and wish him the best – [email protected] – thanks!

I had a lot more to offer but will need to cut the blurb short and hit the sack. We yakked a bit with Jim Wilson and Richard Colley tonight. Marty Wood is on the road in Orlando for the college football awards. Bruce Forbes aka twopipe from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada has been stopping by the room and keeping us up to date on his activities. We will try to post a few pictures that he sent of his new found pastime.

I hope everybody has a great Tuesday and we will try to do a little better with posting something everyday. Also, JC is headed to the VA in Salisbury Tuesday to get him some new hearing aids. He can hear out of his right ear and cannot hear anything in his left ear. I asked him to tell me if he could hear me talking when we road together in the car. He told me that he could hear about half of what I said but as much as I talk that was still a lot! Missed Me Lou? (FR)

Monday December 1st, 2008

Monday moanin and back to work after the Thanksgiving Holiday! It rained all day Sunday and Saturday wasn't much better in some parts of the state.
Gastonia had a handfull of shooters show up Saturday and we are waiting on the scores from BGC to be posted. Hopefully JW will have them up by Monday night.

Bob Schultz has a got a little drawing going on and you need to got to trapshooters.com to read the instructions. He will be giving away Kemen ammo and some gun cleaning supplies. All you need to do is go to his site to identify the color of the coin in the target miser device. Then you email him the answer to the question and you will be entered in the drawing.

Hunter Galloway should be arriving back in the US soon and back to Greensboro around midday Monday. He was at the Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament supporting the Tarheels. One interesting note: Jeff Galloway will be graduating from Carolina December 14th. For those of you that have watched him grow up I know we are all proud of his accomplishments and we will him well!

These cold and rainy nights have been great for the chatroom with yoda - Marty - Kolar-Kid - LaneM and yours truly discussing and solving most of the world's most pressing issues. Please for goodness sake join us for some good clean fun with some good folks!

Rockingham has a shoot Sunday the 7th of December. Typical 300 target program and we hope the weather will hold up. Word on the street is that Marty Wood is going to shoot with us Sunday and deliver a release trigger from Richard Colley. We hope that Brandon will be able to use it in his 1100.

We hope you have a great start to the week and that the week will fly by fast! I have gained a few pounds and got some work to do after all that good holiday food! Morning Lou (FR)

Saturday November 29th, 2008

Saturday morning is here and some will be traveling to Gastonia and others to Buckhorn. The weatherman promises to hold off the rain until afternoon so at least the singles and caps can be shot. We hope everybody shoots well in the cooler temps and the wind should not be a factor.
Thursday was Thanksgiving and boy was the food good! Ham – Pork Chops – Potato Salad – Macaroni Salad – Corn – Macaroni Casserole – Cranberry Sauce – Dressing & Gravy – Ro-Tel Dip – Pumpkin Pie – Cheese Cake – Lemon Squares – Deviled Eggs and I might have forgotten a few items. And just think – I have about enough leftovers to feed a small band of gypsies!

Anyway we had a great time and my two sons came by and it was all good. Mark had to work Friday and then off hunting Friday night and off work all next week hunting. My youngest son is courting so he will be sticking around his house pretty tight! Being around the family is always fun and I would imagine there might have been some drama in your household during the Holiday?

I called Darvin Cornett the other day to wish him a happy holiday and he was at the RFD cooking hams and turkeys for the holiday. I even had a chance to speak with his lovely daughter Rebekah. They are doing great and Darvin hasn’t fired a shot since the HOF. Dave Daily was headed to PA for the holiday and won’t be hunting this trip due to issues with his knees. He keeps a candle burning at both ends with his job and hopes to retire sometime real soon. JC had turkey dinner at his house Thursday and his son and grandson visited and broke bread. Lane Murray was at the Rock at 8AM Thursday morning to shoot a little trap and site his high powered gun in prior to a deer hunting trip Friday & Saturday!

Bob Batke from Wooster Ohio called me about 9AM Friday and he decided to get back to Ohio a day early. We had planned to meet him at the Gastonia GC for their monthly registered shoot. He figured with the forecast of cool temps and the possibility of rain they would just head on back. So – we will be saving a little gas and will be able to compete a little closer to the house.

I went to BGC Friday to do a little tweaking with the “Master” Jimmy Wilson. We took a look at the unsingle and made a decision to try a couple of things. We also jumped on getting me back to shooting the bottom tube of my O/U first. 9 boxes later we think we have figured a couple of things out. One thing we figured out is that we might be shooting a bit too high for the singles. So, only time and targets will tell just how the adjustments will work! PS – we appreciate Jimmy’s help and thank the Lord somebody hid his green tomato stake.

Ike Branthwaite and Morris were at the club practicing today. We also had the pleasure of loading a pallet of targets into traps 1 & 2. Ike said that he was setting some goals and one of the goals was to whip Jimmy in shooting until Ike looked at Jim’s averages. We had a good laugh about that one and then hit the line for some more practice. Ike had some reloading issues awhile back and it looks like he got his loader back on track. Morris on the other hand had a blooper that cleared the tube and it happened on his last post. Ike wanted to know how when he had a blooper 50 people were standing around and when Morris had one only a handful was present?

Marty Wood traveled to BGC Wednesday for some practice and broke his 1st 25 at BGC. He was really pumped when he got in the chat room the other night and said he had a great time. Don Kaufman showed up Wednesday also with his new Kolar TA and that is a good looking gun! Marty spent most of his Friday with the kids at Deep River shooting sporting clays which I hope to shoot someday!

We hope everybody has a great weekend and we hope they have good turnouts at both of the shooting venues. It might be little misty over the weekend and a good time to cozy up by the fireplace and drink a little hot chocolate. Don’t forget that the Rock shoots the 1st Sunday of December the 7th and we hope you can make it!

. . . . . _._ _ ._.. _ _ _ .._ (FR)

Thanksgiving Day - Thursday November 27th, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving folks from all of us here at Tarheeltrap.com. I have multiple personalities in case you didn’t know and we are typing this blurb as Fredi, as my grandfather use to call me. All foolishness aside we would like to take a little time to point out some of the things that we are thankful for and that includes the sport of trapshooting.
We have a lot to be thankful for and maybe sometimes we take things for granted. We get so busy that we often miss the little things that might mean a whole lot to other people. Good health is something to be thankful for and don’t let us forget the trapshooting families that have loved ones that are sick. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and it includes time with the family and time around the dinner table.

In this trying economic times folks have cut back a bit on shooting and with the gas prices fluctuating people are a little gun shy to spend any money. Attendance at all types of sports venues are being reported and even some of our local eateries are feeling the pinch of folks not eating out. But let’s face it this nation is an entertainment greedy bunch and folks are going to spend money to be entertained.

With lead prices and shell prices jumping all around the question is to reload or not to reload that is the question. I myself have cut back almost 6,000 registered targets in the last two years. If the 08 season had ended August 31st I would have cut back almost 7000 in 08. But I still like to shoot and ride down the road with the tail gunner and see the folks at the club. Hey, even if I don’t fire a shell this fellow is going to have fun anywhere I go!

I am going to take some time to run around the state and give some credit where credit is due to clubs and people that make trapshooting happen in the state of NC. So bear with me because it might get a little soupy and you might have to break out a hanky if you are tenderhearted. You see trapshooting means a lot to me and I hate to see the efforts of great people go unnoticed. Now I might miss a few and if I do just email me with the info that you would like me to publish about how you have contributed to trapshooting in North Carolina! In some cases I will refer to groups and clubs in general and might even point a few folks out. I might make a comment or two that folks might not like but I guess they will just have to deal with it!

Old [email protected] Mount – When I think of this place I think of one of the finest men around – Roger Bynum. This fellow has been the driving force to putting teeth in the trap program. They built another trap, got new CVR’s and have plans to build another trap in the near future. They have a beautiful facility and are some of the most hospitable around. Make plans to shoot at their facility in the 2009 target year!

Coharie Shooting League – When I think of CSL I think of Mac Herring and Al Williams! A great duo and what a nice place to shoot as long as they aren’t burning trash at the pig farm. Mac and Al do a great job and we really hate we missed shooting at CSL in 2008. With Chuck & Sandie gone the pc work and lunch has fallen on the shoulders of Al and Mac. I will never forget the year I took a Kiner clinic during the week so I could travel to CSL to shoot Saturday. I won the singles, handicap, doubles and of course the HOA. The next month I went and a young Chris Lane walked up to me and said – Hey mister did you come back down here to clean us out again? That my friend was a classic and if you have ever shot at CSL it is a tough place to shoot!

Fort Bragg – Well what can I say about this place. It reminds me of the sand in Pinehurst and it teaches you to shoot while planes are landing. Greg High and Marty Hill have done a great job over the years and have worked hard to accommodate the shooters that come to this club. There have been some tough times with management and the Ft. Bragg club just keeps on kicking. With the Patterson’s on the West Coast it puts a bit of the burden back on Greg and Marty. Also, Greg hasn’t been able to shoot because of shoulder problems and we hope he gets back on the line real soon!

Buncombe County – I have only shot there once and I really had a great time! The club and the traps and the background was great! I broke a 98 to win the doubles and got the dubious honor of being called a Mother F**&e% by Robert Clarkson. He meant it in good clean fun of course and I just marked it up to shooting a great score! Finley Bristol comes to mind and I heard he had some health issues also to deal with. With my Uncle living on the Swananoa River I have no excuse not to visit in 2009.

Old [email protected] – Charlie & Lillian Smith are some hard working and good shooting folks! They have done a wonderful job holding monthly registered shoots and also the BIG50 shoots that have been a hit in the hills. These folks also did a great job along with their family members scoring and loading for all the major shoots at the Homegrounds. I don’t know if anybody ever thanked them for all the years they sat out in the heat and cold scoring and loading and getting trash etc. Anyway, we did get to shoot at OH once and had a great time and the club is a great place to shoot! Maybe the tailgunner and I will make it up the hill and give the White Hats a run for their $$. We also appreciate Scott Royster and Tony Honeyman for sending us the scores from the hill – it is appreciated!

Gastonia Gun Club – This is a great facility and Philip Putnam has been doing a great job keeping this place running for the City Of Gastonia. It is an interesting place to shoot and the only club that I know of in the state that uses Lawry targets!. It is a great two trap club and they have a shoot this Saturday matter of fact. We hope to make it down there to shoot with NC HOF Handicap Runner Up Bob Batke from Wooster Ohio.

Watauga Gun Club – Tom Pitts/Morg Shaw/George Suddreth/Tom Shelley (AKA) The Four Horseman are the core of WGC – WGC is a pretty place to shoot and can be a tough place to shoot also. There are a lot of memories for me at that club including my Grandfather being inducted into the NCHOF at the Broyhill Center in Boone. He loved that club and he was a pal with Glenn Miller for years and years. The WGC staff do a great job and go out of the way to roll out the red carpet. The lunches that are prepared by Mrs. Carolyn will put you in a coma they are so good! The steak dinner at the Glenn Miller and the Chicken Wing fling are two eating events that you don’t want to miss. We only made it to WGC once in 2008 and we got to do better in 2009!

Rockingham Gun Club – Tom Cox has done a wonderful job and has really gone above the call of duty to make things happen at the Rock. JT Brewer is also one of the hardest working folks I have ever met and is one grass cutting fellow! With monthly registered shoots and also the Lewis Class shoots, Tom has been a busy fellow! Things are coming around and we are attracting new interested shooters that can help ref, load and pitch in! With a little trap tweaking we feel like we can offer some of the best targets around!

Charlie Brown Gun Club – Probably one of my favorite places to shoot and the duck trophy I won for a singles B class is sitting here in my office. Charlie does a great job setting excellent targets and I have always shot good at Charlie’s. My major concern at this moment is for Blake and her health to improve! I have known Charlie and Blake for a lot of years and you have to admire their relationship. They have always traveled together and she is always there to watch him shoot! I got to give it to her she is quite a lady!

Durham County Wildlife Club – A lot of history at this club including this fact. It is the only club in the state that hosted a NC state shoot that has not been demolished! Kim and Doug McKinney have been holding it together with the trap program and doing a great job. These are busy folks and have also donated a TON of time and money to the SCTP program in the state. The kids lives that they have touched is something they will never forget as long as they live! Hats off to this couple and we really appreciate the effort!

Buckhorn Gun Club – Man what can I say about this club? James Wilson and his gang are the example for other clubs to model themselves after. They are a cohesive, caring group of folks that get it done regardless of whether it is 1 squad or 10 squads of shooters! Jimmy throws some of the best targets around and has consistently had one of the biggest MID50 pots to offer in the state. They have some amazing feeds including those big juicy slab sized pork chops that I am hungry for right now! Also they honor Ted Smith and Bradsher Wilson with two shooting events and also host the annual Toys4Tots shoot! One year all four state events were won by folks that shoot at BGC. Jeri won the singles – Darvin won the handicap & Jimmy won the doubles and the HOA in 2006.

Homegrounds – WOW is all I can say about this facility! All the time and effort and vision that went into making the Homegrounds a reality is really amazing. There were some key players and they include Ken Duncan, Bob Keever, Ron Wilson, Jerry Ricker and a whole lot more folks! Time – planning – pure blood sweat and tears went into this project! Since 1965 we have had three trapshooting facilities that hosted state shoots demolished. Piedmont Gun Club in Brown Summit is now a golf course, Tarheel Gun Club is now a housing development and the Pinehurst Gun Club is course #8. Folks that is a lot of memories for me and for folks in state and folks out of state! The clubs we have and maintain for people to visit and shoot at are very important not only to us but to the out of state shooters that travel!

Well I am going to wrap it up now and I know you are thankful it is about over! We are thankful and blessed to have a vibrant trapshooting community in the state of NC. You look at the 2009 calendar and if the calendar is like 2008 you will be able to shoot about every weekend in the state of NC! We cannot take the clubs and the people for granted because it is a real honor to know these folks put forth the effort to provide a place for you to shoot and compete. Hey they don’t have to do it or even put forth the effort and could just sit at the house on the couch and sip some suds. The folks that make things happen are a cut above and the movers and shakers that keep it rolling. We are looking for that next generation of people that can and will help the functions that keep these clubs alive.

Last but not least we would like to thank the NC HOF board and the NCTA board for all of their efforts in 2008. We appreciate the efforts and really appreciate the Sunday morning devotional time that Bob Schultz spoke at. For those of us that try to go to Church on Sunday morning it is going to be interesting who the speaker will be in 2009. Also, how could I forget two of the finest ladies in the whole wide world. Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Keever are some of the hardest working ladies sitting in that office. When I worked on the BOD I learned one rule when entering the office while they were working. The rule was – don’t speak unless spoken to and I obeyed the rule!

Terry and Jackie Roush are real ambassadors for NC trapshooting and we appreciate their efforts. They are probably in Florida right now hobnobbing with folks from all over the country promoting NC trapshooting! We also appreciate him mentioning the website/s that NC has to offer the computer literate public. He maintains the nctrap website and between his site and the tarheel site we cover a lot of info that folks do read! I have heard quite a few stories about folks shooting in NC because they read about it on one of the nc sites or a snippit I put on trapshooters.com!

NC Trapshooters and to all that read this big long blurb. Have a wonderful time with your families and eat a lot of turkey! Get stuffed and then make plans to come out and shoot at either Gastonia or BGC Saturday and come see your other family, your trapshooting family! Gobble Gobble Lou (FR)

PS - Also thank you Fred Redmon for being the life blood of this web site, without you it would dry up and fade away. We also want to thank all the people that donated money to get it back up and running. (JW)

Friday November 21st, 2008

It sure was nice waking up to snow on the ground this morning. From West to East NC got a little taste of winter today. I called JC and asked him if he was ready to shoot Saturday with temps hovering around the mid-40’s. His response was – I don’t think so Freddy! Anyway it is wintertime so we might as well get used to what it brings!
There are three shooting events in NC this weekend including two registered shoots and one non-registered event. The weather across the state looks similar with temps reaching the mid 40’s about 3 PM with light winds and sunny. With the sun out it might not be too awful bad but cold is cold. I will hope to get scores from all the events and hope to post by Saturday night!

Old [email protected] will host a typical 300 target program and the “White Hat” crew will be honing their skills for the 2009 season. Tony “Elwood” Honeyman has been doing a great job posting shoot info and scores which is much appreciated. I have only had the pleasure of shooting at [email protected] once and really enjoyed it. Hopefully they will have a mountain turnout and have a great time.

Durham County Wildlife will host a typical 300 target program Saturday and I would think that the fireplace will be in use in the clubhouse. That is a great facility and the club always provides one of the best lunches around. Kim and Doug McKinney have done a wonderful job running the shoots and Kim does a great job with the 3S software! We hope they have a decent turnout even with the cold weather predictions.

Last but not least is the Lewis Class Shoot at the Rock! Last November we shot 100 singles and Glenn Brewer broke the lone 100 followed by two 99’s. The weather was gray and not as cool as the weather forecast in the morning. Hopefully we can get the clubhouse warmed up and the PAT’s also. Who knows who will show up to brave the cold at the Rock. I know one fellow that won’t be there and that is the tailgunner.

I wonder if Terry Roush is walking around in his shorts at the Silver Dollar Gun Club in Odessa Florida this week. Form what I hear that the weather in the deep South is also is little frisky. We got a package from a Florida shooter aka Flagalarto. He is the peddler of the Gator Tears and the rascal sent me a hat and some gun lube. That was very nice of him and if you need some Gator Tears just let me know!

There is no word out of Michael Johns since he got out of the hospital and does anybody have his phone number. Steve Morgan sounds good on the phone and has returned to work on a limited schedule. It will be 3 months before he can get back to shouldering his seasoned KS-5. Continue to pray for Roger Shaffer’s wife and Tom Cox’s wife concerning their health issue’s.

Gastonia shoots the 29th and we have folks traveling from Florida and Ohio to shoot at the event. Ohio native Robert Batke will be visiting and also j2jake will be arriving from his warm Florida homestead. We pray that the weather will warm up and allow us a good day of shooting those Lawry targets. All I know is that I am packing 7.5’s and heavy loads for those pesky targets!

At 10PM the only location in the state that isn’t reporting below freezing temps is the far eastern coastline. It is 19 degrees in Boone and I will bet Tom Shelley is snuggled up with one of his baby dolls right now! Tom Pitts is freezing at a high school football game, Morg is polishing Miss Kitty and BamBam is pumping iron getting ready for the 2009 season.

There has been a lot of activity in the chatroom lately! Jim – Fred Rutherford – Richard Colley – Lane Murray – Trey Wilburn - Marty Wood and yours truly have been burning up the keyboards. So let us know if you would like to participate and drop us an email for access to the madness.

Martin Carter sent me some pictures of a deer that was shot by Lonnie Campbell. It was a healthy 8 pointer and I am interested to know what it dressed out at.

Well – time to run and finish packing for the bitterly cold morning ahead. I will take some pictures of the club in a hard freeze mode and post them Saturday night. By the time I get back from the club my house should be ready for Christmas. It is the season to be jolly but I don’t think I will be donning any “Gay” apparel! Hey Lou (FR)

Saturday November 15th, 2008

Sure was windy here today in Greensboro NC. I decided to use the tarheeltrap.com “Trapometer” to decide what I would do today. Not only did I reload some 1 ounce smoke I cleaned the garage also!! Nonetheless, we gave a call around to some of my shooting friends to see what they were up to today.
Thursday we decided to fight the crowd and the rain and wound up at Stamey’s BBQ on High Point Road. County Telecom director Butch Dawson and I snuck back to a two person table and took a look at the menu. That place was packed and we were wondering if we were going to get waited on. As we waited who in the world do you think walked in? It was Terry Roush and he was meeting some of his friends for lunch. Terry eats hot dogs by the way and we discussed his plans for the weekend. He stated that they were getting the motor home ready for the trip to Florida. They will go down for a couple of weeks, come back for the holidays and then back down for the winter. Man what a life and I asked Terry to keep us abreast of the weather and any other info that might be of interest to us “working” people.

We met another shooter infected with the trap bug in the chat room. Marty Wood moved from Pinehurst to Asheville and is a TV engineer for ESPN sports. Not only is he an engineer he is also a Ham Radio operator with an active call sign. Marty if you read this Terry Roush is K4TLR by the way. Marty shoots a little bit of everything and was headed to Spartanburg today for a charity sporting clays event. He is also in the market for a combo possibly and is a lefty. Welcome Marty and we hope to get to shoot with you real soon.

A call to Jimmy Wilson found him at the Buckhorn Gun Club just a chillin. I could hear gunshots so somebody was shooting in that wind. Come to find out it was some of the college kids out having some fun shooting. Jeri and Anne were out buying toys with the 300 bucks that was collected for the Toys 4 Tots. Jimmy hopes to get a picture of all the toys that will be donated for charity. We also talked a little bit about the MAX TA Kolar Combo and just how good that gun felt. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mr. Wilson didn’t wind up with one of them beasts real soon!

We gave a call to Rock trap chairman Tom Cox today and he was just taking it easy. He still hasn’t shaken the bug he has been sufferin with and hopes to get back to tip top shape real soon. The renovation at the club is looking great and money has been approved for indoor/outdoor carpet for the new space. It sure is going to be nice to have a bit more room for snackin, nappin and yakkin! He wants to invite everybody out for the Lewis Class shoot this Saturday. 100 targets and door prizes make for a fun time and who knows who will win this month?

Jeff & Hunter Galloway were headed to the Carolina basketball game at Chapel Hill today. Sad to say but Carolina lost to Maryland by the slimmest of margins. Hopefully bball game will lead to a better result! Jeff shot at BGC last Sunday and is evidently going to need some adjustments on his stock. We hope to meet them at the Rock for a bit of practice Sunday afternoon. The weather is looking better and maybe the wind will die down a bit!

Lane Murray was headed to the Wake State game and from what I heard it was a rainy mess in Raleigh. Lane has been messing around with loads a bit and I think he has settled on his old-faithful load. That load is the one he won that MID50 pot at BGC a month or so ago. Lane got a 1 yard MONEY punch and then got another ½ yard for that score. Hopefully he will have a chance to come out and play Sunday if momma doesn’t have him tied down.

There is still no word from Old [email protected] Mount regarding scores from the shoot. I will email Bob Keever and get the scoop that is what I will do. Hopefully Marty Hill will post Bragg info tonight or Sunday and that info will be interesting for sure. There are 6 registered shoots between now and the end of 2008. I would imagine that there might be a nice day to shoot at one of those events.

I just got off of the phone with Bob Batke from Wooster Ohio. He shot in NC several years ago and also made it to the SC State shoot one year. He knotted up with JC Nunn at the NC HOF after breaking a 96 in the main handicap. JC won the shootoff and took Chief White Cloud home to Greensboro. Bob is planning to visit NC during the thanksgiving holiday and hopes to shoot the 29th at the Gastonia event. He is 74 years young and said he hasn’t fired his TA Kolar since the Grand in August. I am sure the Gastonia folks will welcome him with open arms. I hope to haul the tail gunner down so that the three of us can shoot together.

Word on the street is that shot prices are coming down and I don’t know if shell prices are dropping also. I know that prices at Dick’s have dropped a bit and we hope to drop by to pick up a few flats of caps shells in the next few days. If anybody has info on good deals on shells or supplies please let us know. Also, I have about 3000 AA Super-Handicap once fired hulls for 2 cents a piece. Let me know and I will deliver them to one of the local shoots!

There are folks in the chatroom about every night and there are more folks showing up every month. If you would like to join us I will provide the link as follows. Copy and paste the address into your browser – hit enter – enter a screen name and hit enter. Please identify yourself when you come in please! Here is the address: http://www.chatzy.com/144980338388 ----

We hope everybody has a great Sunday and it won’t be long until it is turkey time for the masses. If you need to contact me about your login or account just email me at [email protected] – Hey Lou – (FR)

Wednesday November 12th, 2008

We would like to personally thank the Military Veteran’s that served and died for their country! Without your love and sacrifice for this country we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy today! We could only hope that our country will be as safe in the future as it was in the past!
We do not have any scores to report from Old [email protected] Mount but will try to get them this week. The Toys4Tots shoot was a great success and man what a great crowd showed up! Great scores were posted in the singles – 99’s, handicap 95 and doubles 98. The wind must not have been blowing too bad at the Horn!

Tom (SPY2) Shelley and Tom (SPY100) Pitts were going at it Sunday at the Toys4Tots. After the singles Tom Pitts was 1 bird up on Shelley and then the bottom she fell out. Between handicap and doubles there was a 13 bird swing that allowed Tom Shelley a 12 bird whupping of Mr. Pitts! Pitts told me that he was using reverse psychology on Shelley and allowing him a little leeway that will fester during the cold months in the mountains. Then as the shooting season begins in 2009 Shelley will have this overconfident approach to whipping Pitts and then it will happen! You have heard of the perfect storm well this will be like the perfect butt whipping that will be doled out by Tom Pitts. Pitts motto is – “just when you think you are ripe – you are rotten”.

Chuck Woody’s son was injured in an automobile accident and that is why he wasn’t at the shoot. Sadly Chucks’ new daughter-in-law of two days was killed in the accident and the accident left his son in critical condition. Folks they were hit by a “DRUNK DRIVER”. Our church prayed for the family Sunday night and please think of them during your daily prayers if possible.

Mike Johns is recovering from his triple bypass surgery and we will try to reach him by phone Wednesday morning. We got a couple of emails from Natalia about his condition and all seems to be going well!

I got an email from Chuck and Sandie Patterson the other day. It seems that a fellow that I met at the Grand years ago ran into Chuck at a California Gun Club. HapMcTweaks is the screen name that he goes by on trapshooters.com. Evidently he is living in Nevada now and mentioned my name and JC’s name to Chuck – SMALL WORLD isn’t it?

I talked with Dave Daily today as he was boarding a plane to New York City. He has some new accounts and I believe they are hospitals in the big apple. He sounded good and is looking forward to shooting more in 2009. I also talked with Pete McCall Monday as he was traveling from Kentucky. He was headed to the Homegrounds to get his camper and head down to shoot at the 3-day shoot in South Carolina. I was asking about buying a top-single tube for my Kolar. He sounded good and said that folks were still buying high-end guns and that he had just sold a new combo for 20K.

If you are getting in the Holiday Spirit then this weekend’s shoot at Ft.Bragg is just for you! 100 singles and then 250 pairs of doubles! 600 targets and don’t forget the deep fried crispy turkeys and all the fixings for lunch and maybe some pumpkin pie and homemade pumpkin pie ice cream! Yummy is what I say about the time the ingredients in that turkey get to working on your reaction time while spotting them doubles targets!

That is about it for this edition of the daily blurb! We hope you have a great Wednesday and it looks like rain for Thursday and Friday! Saturday is looking a bit breezy and should make the twins a bit sporty in the sandhills! We added Jerry Ricker to the HOF thread so go check that out before you logoff! Yo Lou GM (FR)

Sunday November 9th, 2009

Good morning and it has been a few days since the last blurb. We hope you had a great week and are enjoying a restful weekend. We opted to stick around the house today and get a few things done. We hope to get the scores from Old Hickory sometime this week. If you know the winners or have any info on the shoot just PM me with the details.
Mike Johns is in Cone Hospital after having triple bypass surgery Thursday night. Natalia emailed me about the situation and we believe he is in room 2018. We are going to try to call him Sunday on the way to BGC. He shot at the Rock last weekend and was really giving it a good go despite his weakness due to his mild stroke. Please pray for him and his wife during his recovery phase. Also, Tom Cox is still having some problems and his wife is fighting illness also! Again, please put these folks on your prayer list if possible.

Looks like folks are really shopping for guns after Tuesday’s election. Lane Murray called looking for some items today and supply is down and demand is up. It will be interesting to see what the attendance at the local gun shows will be in the next few months!

Buckhorn holds their annual Toys 4 Tots shoot today! It is a fun time had by all and the toys will really brighten some child’s Christmas this season! Year after year the BGC club really goes all out to be sure they gather a ton of toys and donations. I know there a lot of good reasons to get together to shoot, but this is one of the best reasons! I just wished Jimmy would dress up as Santa Claus and deliver those presents to the kids! We hope to be there to shoot the doubles and I believe the Galloway’s are going to attend also!

With all of this good weather for shooting folks are getting some birds for the 2009 season. These warm temps are getting folks sick and normally the NC mountains ski resorts will open their slopes in about two weeks. I am ready for some cold weather shooting and even though I might not shoot I can score! There are 8 registered shoots in NC between now and the end of the year. There is also a BIG50 and two Lewis Class shoots to participate in. The NC board should be getting together in early December to establish the dates for the 2009 season. At that time I really want to produce a NC shoot calendar with pictures from around the state and of course the all important dates.

Have you spent any time with that shooting game link I posted? I have been sending that around and folks really like it. I sent the link to some parents that have young ones and I hear they really are enjoying the action. Maybe we ought to have a league and of course the honor system will be implemented.

The tailgunner won’t be attending the shoot Sunday but wishes all the best! He has been busy and worked two days at the auto auction. He spent most of the day Saturday at his Church helping with a Brunswick stew crew. I asked him to get me two quarts and he said it was all sold out and he wasn’t offering me any of his stash either!

Well that is about it and we hope to have the Rocky Mount scores and of course the Toys 4 Tots info! Looks like a dry week with rain towards the end of the week! I will be off work Tuesday and might run up to the Rock for some R&R and some tweaking of the Kolar. Have a great Sunday and keep your powder dry! Lou we gotta quit meeting like this!

Election Day - Tuesday November 4th,2008

Good Tuesday morning and this wi
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