2010 Almost Daily Blurbs

The ongoing saga of the gun purchased in Boone and shot around the Country!
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2010 Almost Daily Blurbs

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Friday May 28th, 2010
Hello folks and we hope that you and your family are looking forward to a great Memorial Day weekend. I would like to say thanks for all of the military that have served this country all these years. To all that currently serve we would like to pray for your safety at home and abroad.
We are just a few short days away from the 97th Annual North Carolina State Shoot. I won’t make any predictions as to who will win what but it should be very interesting. I hope that the weather is good and that it isn’t 90 plus degrees for the championship weekend.

The South Carolina State Shoot turned out to be a great success with great weather and the PAT traps hung in all week. I think trap 6 had some issues on and off but other than that it was great. I shot 700 targets in three days and never got to shoot on 7 & 8, can you believe it?

For those that attended you might have noticed a gal from Michigan named Mallory Stanton. She shot the program and shot rather well I might add. It turns out that she graduated from college recently and decided to make a road trip to SC. She hauled her travel trailer with her dually and brought her dog along for the ride. I never got a chance to meet her but she did get to shoot with Charlie Brown, George Sudderth, Jeff Hashbarger and Ray Grimes. We got some pix of her shooting and I am flattered that she chose to post some of them on her Facebook page.

My running buddy JC Nunn had a great shoot at the Dogwood with his 2nd place finish in the Friday handicap. South Carolina gave him a little trouble but hopefully he will bounce back at the State Shoot. He mentioned that he was going to give up trapshooting and buy him a boat. So if you see him at the state shoot tell him that you have a boat you want to sell him. He will probably get a kick out of that and I hope that he doesn’t kick me when he finds out I started this mess.

I still don’t have the Buckhorn scores up and I apologize for the delay in reporting the scores. One of the major things that transpired at the shoot was that Addison Callan broke his 1st 100 in singles at the ripe age of 12. That is quite a feat for any shooter at any age and I hope that he has many more to come! His dad is shooting quite well also and I believe that they are at the Delaware State Shoot at the moment.

I am wondering if Lou Carter will be attending the NC State Shoot? Lou if you are out there it just won’t be the same without you Lou – did you know that? Also Roland King will not be attending the shoot due to another prior commitment. Roland I will miss not getting a picture of you at the Homegrounds this year. Also, thanks for using the picture I took of you on your Facebook page.

There was a lot of shooting going on last weekend and we had the pleasure of attending the Joe Nimer shoot at the Rock. It was well attended and the eventual winner of the perpetual trophy was Tommy “Gun” Brown. He had to shoot extra targets to secure the trophy against Jeff “Shooter” Galloway. We had some new faces attend and they were Connie and Mickey Bell from Kings Mountain. It is always great to see new folks shooting in Rockingham County.

Watauga had a good turnout and we hate we missed their first shoot of the year. And just fyi George Sudderth is on Facebook in case you want to post something negative on his wall. Old Hickory@Bostic had an Ironman event and it looked like a thin turnout possibly due to the weather. Last but not least Coharie had a shoot that was well attended but missing some of the regulars. I promise to return to Coharie with the Crippler to take a whack at that MID50 POT as long as Mac doesn’t slip into the house after I break my first 25.

Jimmy Wilson has been working hard in preparation for leaving for the State Shoot. I am not sure who will be setting the targets for the state shoot but if Jimmy has anything to do with it they will be great! Jeri has been working hard over the years at all the shoots and I sure wish they would find somebody else to clean those bathrooms. Jeri is about time that you pass the torch! I have found that the more you do the more folks will let you do.

That is about all I have for now and I have been trying to muster up the time to post my used to be daily blather. It is tough trying to capture all of these thoughts that run through my mind. Oh – I did go to the eye doctor and I now have a PX for my shooting glasses. Wayne Morgan said that instead of just seeing the trees I would be able to see the leaves on the trees. And one more thing is that I finally broke down and got a new set of earplugs for the MP3 player. Now I have got to find the right set of ear buds to fit into the plugs.

Have a great weekend and we will be on the road for the next week or so. If you are interested in getting the link to the new tarheeltrap chatroom email me at freddydacrusher@hotmail.com – Hope to see Lew and Lou at the NC State Shoot..

Thursday March 25th, 2010
Good morning to all and it will be a bright sunshine day here in NC. Too bad I will be asleep and unable to enjoy it. Currently I am on a crime scene manning the mobile command post.
We have a few shooting events in the state this weekend including Ft. Bragg and Old Hickory in Bostic. Ft. Bragg will have a typical 300 target program and OH@B will have 100 handicap and a doubles marathon. We hope the weather cooperates with these events.

The Florida State Shoot is in full swing and it looks like a few NC boys are still at the Dollar. These would include Tom Wilkinson and Bob Schultz. Both got punches with Tom's 92 on Tuesday and Bob's 96 on Wednesday.

I sure had a ball at the Rock Saturday and Sunday. I like to shoot and I also like to ref and watch folks shoot. JC Nunn was showing off Sunday with that 94 from the 19 yard line. Tommy Brown was shooting pretty good with two HOA wins back to back at the Rock. If JC had shot a decent doubles score he might have slipped up and nipped Tommy for the HOA.

Don't forget that we have a clinic in the month of April at the Rock. Dave Shaeffer will be with us for two days. This is the time of the year to get a clinic in before the "meat" of the target season. You can practice all you want but if your are practicing bad habits what good is practice?

I don't know if you had a chance to look at some of the scores from the Southern Grand? All I can say is what Jim Nabors would say and that would be - GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLY!! Man folks was struggling and one NC shooter had a 79.5 average for the 1600 targets. There were some bright and shining moments for some of our NC shoooters with Kim Mckinney bringing it on home with a handicap ladies RU win Sunday.

I gave a call to Tommy Freeman today at the Florida State Shoot. His score appeared on the leader board so I gave him a call. He stated that Wednesday was the first day he had been warm since he had gotten to Florida. Tommy bought his first target shotgun from my grandfather way back when. He also beat me in a shootoff when I broke a 199 at the Homegrounds - 25 to 24. Hopefully he can make it over to NC to shoot with us real soon.

I noticed a post about Myrtle Grove on ts.com today. Looks like they are throwing a few more birds and this fellow was updating info and providing an overview of the activities at the club. I beleive shooting while I am on a beach vacation is a win win situation for me.

Hey does anybody know of any deals on cheap/er shells? I have been reloading and need to buy 10 flats of something.If I could get 9 more folks to go in and get a pallett that would be awesome. Just let me know at freddydacrusher@hotmail.com

That is about it for now because I am getting very sleepy. I am glad I do not have to gas this bus up and park it after being awake for almost 24 hours. I do hope everybody has a great Thursday and I would like to send a shout out to the lovely and talented Joy Duncan.

Friday March 5th, 2010
The big old bear has come out of the woods to hunt flowers and berries! It is that time of year again with spring just around the corner. The smell of gunpowder and suntan lotion will be wafting through the air before you know it. I can’t wait to get out amongst the shooters when the lows at night are 50 degrees and not the high temp of the day.
On the immediate horizon we have the Coharie shoot this Saturday and MAC wants folks to ride down to Clinton and spread some lead. They have ERAD voice releases now and that should be great for their two trap layout. With the Patterson’s gone the lunch duty has fallen on the shoulders of his lovely wife. I believe the lunch is homemade soup and sandwiches and the high temp for the event looks like mid 50’s. Their middle 50 pot stands at $950 after Joe Brumfield broke it in half in 2009.

Sunday you will have a registered shoot at the Buckhorn Gun Club and this hasn’t been widely published. Anytime Jimmy spot’s a nice day he whips the club up and they band together to produce a great local registered shoot. If you are looking to register targets for this season this is a great time to do it. Then the next weekend they have a 2-day shoot so that you can get more birds for the target year.

Last but not least you have the Lewis Class Shoot at the Rockingham Gun Club. We start at 1pm and we shoot 50 singles and 50 caps from your ATA handicap yardage plus 1 yard. If you normally shoot on the 24 you will pound the clay from the 25. Come and join us if you can..

Dan Johnson is on the mend after an operation to repair a very sore spot in his body. He is resting comfortably at home during the rehab and still finds time to give Jimmy Wilson some grief on the tarheeltrap website. We hope to call him on the phone to see how he is doing and we hope he gets up and moving about really soon.

I did a Google search for one of our long lost trapshooters/Remington rep and found Randy Moeller. He is doing fine and working for Cabella’s. He is still involved in shooting and teaching shooting to the next generation of trapshooter. Thanks to Shane we were able to get a good email addy and a phone number. We sure miss the rascal and will never forget the time his phone rang on the line at the NC State Shoot years back – now that was funny!

Jeff Galloway is flying down to shoot at the chain shoot at the Silver Dollar this weekend. He should be in the air about right now (3PM) and on the ground at 4. Hunter is already down there and was attending a Boy Scout meeting near Jacksonville. Hunter said it was COLD and windy for the sunshine state. We will keep you posted on their shooting this weekend.

Tommy Brown shot at the chain shoot at the Robinson Ranch last week. They had a great time and Tommy shot very good scores except for the doubles on Sunday. He was 5 birds off the winning HOA score and the doubles were the difference. He did manage to buy the top guy in the Calcutta and wound up winning for his score in the event also. Where will Tommy Brown show up again next to make somebody’s day?

We figured out the problem with the chat room and have managed to get an answer to the problem. Evidently someone posted the web address to a pedophile website and that brought attention to the room by the administrator. I emailed the admin and he sent me the list of the folks that flooded the website. I can think of only one person that might have done this to the site and we are forwarding their information to the local Sheriff to investigate. Chances are they have info on their computer that could allow them to spend some hard times with a roommate named BUBBA.

Looks like Terry Roush is wasting away in Florida taking it easy and living the life of riley. We occasionally get an email from him and just recently found out he changed the service provider for NCTRAP.com. I believe he listed with godaddy.com and now every time I see Danica Patrick I will think of NCTRAP.com. Terry does a great job on the website and it contains a lot of interesting information for sure.

Dave Daily is off this week and taking it easy at his home in Myrtle Beach. They had a spot of snow a week or so ago and he promised me some pictures to post of the beach with snow on it. He has been to Myrtle Grove to shoot registered trap and he said the place is shaping up real good. I hope to get back down there to shoot in the very near future with the temps in the mild range. We will hopefully be shooting with him at the SC State Shoot in May and the Konne-Yaut Indian shoot in July.

I would like to thank JT Brewer for all the mechanic work he has done for me on my MEC reloaders. He recently fixed a friend of mines 9000G and I had him go through mine also. With the cost of shells being so high reloading has become a way of life for some competitive shooters. If your Mec is sick JT can get it well again!!

Last but not least Dave Shaeffer and Stephanie Sandler will visit the Rockingham Gun Club for a two day clinic. There are still spots available so please do not hesitate to get your info and deposit sent in. All the big boys and gals will be headed to the Southern Grand in just a few weeks to see who’s who in 2010. Should be interesting to see once the scores get posted on rjstuart’s website.

Also I would like to get a shout out to Lou Carter down in Florida. Lou we hope you are doing well and the scenery hasn’t been quite the same since you took off. If only we could have had you, Dan Johnson and Randy Moeller in the area at one time. Now that would have been a HOOT.

I hope everybody has a great weekend and I hope to be more diligent in gathering pertinent bits and pieces of information to pass along to the local shooting public. Until then - SMOKEM

Friday January 15th, 2010
What a beautiful day to be outside in the state of North Carolina. Right now as I type folks are shooting at the Rock and at the Dixie Grand in Odessa Florida. It has been super busy start to the new year and we have a few tidbits to share with the masses.
Checking the scores at the Dixie it looked like a rough start for some in the early days of the week. From the pictures on the rjstuart website folks had broken out their jackets and earmuffs. Yesterday according to my reporters on the ground was almost too hot late Thursday afternoon. The rest of the weekend looks warm and maybe wet for the Dixie shooters.

Looks like Jackson Eubanks has been shooting great and won one of the caps outright one day. We shot with the Eubanks brothers at the Florida State Shoot several years ago. Jeri Wilson has a carryover till Saturday after breaking a 99 in her singles class Wednesday. Jeff Galloway has a carryover for AA doubles after breaking a 98 Thursday. Bill Howe is tied for hi-gun in the caps today with a 97 – let’s wish him the best.

Looking around the local area we have a few things to report. There have been rumblings about the possibility that Ft. Bragg shooters would need to provide their shotgun serial number and name while competing at the IMRA facility. Evidently the news has been published on the state skeet website and the Rockingham County Gun Club site also. I don’t really know what this means for amateur shooters at the club but it is an interesting development to say the least.

I really wanted to run up to the Rock this afternoon because I heard there was a gaggle of shooters headed that way. Kaufman – Berkowitz – Brown – Nunn and I am sure there are others spreading lead at this moment. I heard tell that last weekend JC provided a little comic relief by offering JT Brewer a machine gun to help him break more targets. I know that you would have to be there to really experience the moment because it was a rather funny situation.

Two trap shoots in NC this weekend with Rockingham and Old Hickory Rifle&Pistol Club offering typical 300 target programs. This is the 1st registered shoot of the year for RGC and the weather looks good for a great day of registered targets. Old Hickory started out the 2010 shooting with a BIG50 earlier in the month and the weather looks ok for them also. We hope to have scores posted sometime Saturday night.

I got an email from Lou prior to the Dixie and he expressed his opinions about the COLD weather in Florida. That is tough when you go to Florida hoping for beautiful warm weather and then the arctic air pushes through the panhandle. Dave Daily was in Miami Beach during the cold snap and he said the European tourists were asking the hotel staff where the heat button was on the air units. There response was that the units weren’t designed to provide heat? Where is that Nobel Peace Prize winning Al Gore SOS when you need him?

I heard through the grapevine that the 2010 South Carolina State shoot will be at the Spartanburg Gun Club. Evidently the SC State Association will be renting the site for the event and will buy all the targets needed for the shoot. I have tried to stay out of the fray about what lead to the troubles at Spartanburg but it sure would be interesting to get a true look at the issues. Regardless, we wish them the best and we hope to compete at Spartanburg for many years to come.

NEWSFLASH – Bill Howe wins the Nitro Handicap at the Dixie Grand. Bill won his shootoff after breaking a 97 from the 26 yard line. He broke a 22 in the extra round with his competitor shooting a 21. Jeff Galloway took runner-up AA Class in the Doubles Class Championship after posting a solid 98 Thursday. That is about all the info I have at this time.

Have a great weekend and we hope to see some of you at the Rock in the morning!! Until them take care and travel safe! Hey Lew&Lou

Here we go and hello 2010:)
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