DCWC - May 22th Scotch Shoot Report

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DCWC - May 22th Scotch Shoot Report

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It was a hot day and thanks to all of you - new friends and our regular shooters. Few of shooters were withdrawal for different reasons but most of them were able to stay until to finished the day before the thunderstorm came. Big news that Mark Spoon shoots double finally since he made enough winner money to get a gun to shoot double. Unfortunately, he gave the HOA away to Ray since he didn't want to be cooked after the caps...... Missed to see Mark Spoon's first double shoot in DCWC. Congratulations to Youth shooter - Christopher Malone to win the Champ in Handicap. And great shoot performance for the first time ATA shooter - Yantao Tan (91 score in Single and punished to C class). Please see the shoot result of below.

Hope all of you stay well and shoot well! Good luck with NC state shoot and see you on July 9th in DCWC.

Singles (29 shooters) CHAMP: Mark Spoon 98
AA: Kai Li 91
A: Douglas Monjeau 96
B: Gregory Robinson 94
C: James Brown 96
D: Horace Best 91

Sr Vet: Michael Stanton 93
Sb Vet: Cox Kenneth 90
Vet: Wayne Perry 89
JR: Greyson Stainback 88
SBJR: Christopher Malone 94

Handicap (22 shooters) CHAMP: Christopher Malone 93
Short: Ray Corona 91 (Coin Flip w/Jeffery Martin)
Inter: Randy Jones 83
Mid: Mark Spoon 90

Sr Vet: Gregory Robinson 86
Sb Vet: Bill Goscinski 89
Vet: David Nelson 88
JR: Greyson Stainback 81
SBJR: Ryan Dein 63

Doubles (11 shooters) CHAMP: Ray Corona 90
C: Doug Mckinney 76
D: Horace Best 84

Sb Vet: Bill Goscinski 75
Vet: Randy Jones 79
JR: Greyson Stainback 65
SBJR: Christopher Malone 75

HOA: Ray Corona 271
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