January 3rd Smoke Report

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January 3rd Smoke Report

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Happy New Year everybody and here we are looking at a fun time ahead. I certainly try to put a positive spin on things, so I won’t try to ruin things right off the bat. NC gun clubs are preparing their shoot schedules and hopefully the calendar will be filling up soon.

Buckhorn shot Sunday and hopefully someone will post a shoot report either on Facebook or here on tarheeltrap. I appreciate the folks that take time to gather the info and get it up for folks to enjoy. No registered shoots on the January schedule so far but I imagine Buckhorn will submit their schedule and might slip one in before February.

Straight Score has announced the new ShootPro Cloud product. This new web/cloud based product is being developed to replace the 3S product that was created by George Cooke. Several clubs in North Carolina use this 3S product including NC Homegrounds, DCWC, WGC and RCGC. Now certainly the NCHG has the biggest need for the product, but this is where things get interesting.

The old 3S product could be run on a single pc or laptop or run on a networked system like they do at the NCHG. With any system there are support issues and upgrades and other things that need to be done to maintain the system. Up until now you could buy the software package and run it on a standalone system because the program resided on the computer.

This new cloud-based product includes a $35 fee that the club pays to have them “setup” the shoot and then you the shooter will be charged a $3 “technology fee” a day to have your information entered into this cloud-based system so the club can post your scores and cashier the fees and the options. This new company seems to think that and extra $3 per day won’t be a problem for folks and the charging the club $35 to setup the shoot will save the club time in the long run.

Now this new system requires the club to have a network connection to the web and can run on most platforms since it just uses a browser to access the system. Most clubs do have internet access but most use Verizon JetPacks and hopefully that will work. For some small clubs this might be a challenge but for the bigger clubs where they need a good cashiering system this will be crucial. I really don’t know how this will be received by the trapshooting community, but I do know that clubs are searching for alternatives to this new system. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

Some of you remember shooting registered trap at the Coharie Gun Club near Clinton NC. They have two traps and use ERAD voice release systems, and it was an interesting place to shoot. You drove down a sandy road and there it was back in a clearing. Nice clubhouse and located beside a hog farm that provided some effervescence in hot summer months. They always had a tasty lunch that was prepared by Sandy Patterson and then by Mac Herrings wife after the Patterson’s escaped to California. Like everything good things must come to an end and CSL stopped registering targets several years ago. It is the same story 10% doing 90% of the work and Mac gave it a go for many years and it would be interesting to tally all the registered birds they offered. I talked to Mac last week and he was headed to Oak Island to usher in the new year. It sure was good to hear his voice and hopefully we can slip down there to CSL when Marty, Greg, and George Brown practice during the week. Maybe they can take some pictures for the 2022 scrapbook. Mac we appreciate all of the effort hosting those events all those years and hats off to the other folks that helped make it happen.

Okay folks that is about it and it looks like winter has returned to North Carolina. Even though the temps are warm at 10PM Sunday night they say the snow might be coming. With the ground so warm it probably won’t stick, but Tom Shelley says they are getting 4-7 inches before it drifts off to the East. Be safe out there and hello to Scott in PA, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Bobby, Thea and Anne and until next week……..smokem
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