August 30th Smoke Report

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August 30th Smoke Report

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Hello to all and sure glad I am not in the direct path of Ida. If you have family in that area, we pray that they are safe and sound. The weather here locally has been nice and hot and that is for sure.

One shoot over the weekend and it was in the North Carolina mountains. Watauga held their monthly shoot, and it was well attended. 39 singles, 29 caps and 25 doubles shooters stepped to the line on a 85 degree day with relatively lower humidity. Frank Perry and Joe Nalley knotted up with 99’s in the singles. TN shooter George Reese won the caps with a 95 and Caleb Mathis won the doubles with a 99. George also won the HOA with a 288. Mark your calendars for September 25th when Watauga hosts their next monthly event. Thanks to Barron Church for the info on the shoot.

Marty Hill is doing classification prior to the Dixie Grand and has done 261 shooters so far. You must have registered 1000 singles, 1000 handicap and 1000 doubles in the last three years to stay out of the penalty class or yardage. Getting this done along with pre-squad can really speed things up in the clubhouse. You can use [email protected] and please include ATA number – Name – if you want to declare a category. Also, they are blocking off the first 12 squads in caps for folks that must travel more than 200 miles to get home. Marty needs you name – ATA number – yardage – post you prefer, and he will make sure you get in one of those squads.

Buckhorn shoots this Saturday and Sunday and not sure what the program is but whatever it is I know it will be a good number of targets in two days. Jimmy runs a tight ship down there and I know he will get them through there quick. They always have a good lunch and Karole “cupcake” Miller might have some of her delicious cupcakes for consumption. Hopefully somebody will take some pictures and do a write-up on the shooting activities. Heck I might even ride down their Sunday?

Shells – have you found any in any quantity anywhere? I know Academy Sports is getting some in but not in flats and a 10-25 per box limit. Hopefully things will get better but regardless expect to pay more than you have ever paid before to shoot. I would be more apt to look for shells but right now I have more shells and supplies than I will shoot.

That is about it for this week. I hope you and your family have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. Not sure what I will be doing and might even ride down to the Shelby Hamfest. With the COVID lurking around you just never know what the Governor will do regarding safeguards. Be safe out there and hello to Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Bobby, Tim, Thea and Anne and until next week……………smokem
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