August 23rd Smoke Report

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August 23rd Smoke Report

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Good morning and I hope you had a great week/end. Crazy strong storms popped up over the weekend and after the damage from tropical storm Fred folks were a little gun shy. Another hot week ahead for NC and before you know it cool fall breezes will blow.

Scarlett posted a shoot report from last week and thanks to her for the effort. Joe Nalley won the singles with the lone 100, doubles with a 90 and the HOA with a 276. That left Doug Monjeau the handicap winner with a 96 and another half yard punch. Kai Li also broke a 96 to get a punch and won short yardage. Mark your calendars for September 11th for their next registered shoot.

Our college shooters are off to school, and I am keeping in touch with Tyler Cox at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville Florida. Being away from home and going to college could be a challenge. His dad Mark Cox was at Rowan County testing chokes and loads yesterday and today. I know Mark misses Tyler when he goes to the range, but he will be home soon enough on Christmas break.

SubJr John “Jack” “Greasy” Williams is on his way back from the Cardinal Classic. Jack had an outstanding Grand American and just didn’t put up the scores at the Cardinal like he would like. Jack is in an intense study program to prepare him for a pre-med course of study. Good luck to him on all of that studying.

Word on the street is that Academy is carrying more shells these days. I am going to ride out and see if that is really the case sometime today. We have a Sportsmans Warehouse also and I might give that a look also. I have not been looking for components, but I do know Blue Collar Reloading Supply has been getting shot and powder and might even have primers. I will check on that also Monday.

This Saturday the 28th the Watauga Gun Club will be hosting their monthly registered shoot. I do believe lunch will be provided and hopefully the weather is cooler in the mountains than it is here in the foothills. Just got a text from Morg and it is a typical 300 program with a 27-yard line buddy shoot. Glenn Miller really enjoyed the buddy shoots, and they will have one in his honor. Also, it looks like Fred created a little havoc with mud and a messed-up driveway to the club. Also, Buckhorn shooter Megan Smith showed up to shoot Sunday and her first classes at ASU are today the 23rd. Good luck to her on her course of studies and how smart was she to attend a college with a GREAT gun club nearby….

Barron Church and his grandsons visited the Christiansburg VA Gun Club Sunday and shot. Travis Miller won the singles and Caleb won the handicap and doubles. Not sure on the HOA but Barron said they had a great time and met some new friends. He said it was hot in that valley and they had at least three trains run through that holler.

Ok that is about it for now. I hope everyone has a great week and stay out of this heat. Hello to Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Bobby, Thea and Anne and until next week………..smokem
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