August 16th Smoke Report

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August 16th Smoke Report

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August 16th is here and are you enjoying the hot and wet weather yet? Looks like Fred fizzled out to a certain extent, but we might see remnants later in the week.

One trap shoot this Saturday at Buccaneer Gun Club as far as I know. I have not gotten anything from Pat Childers about it being cancelled. I sent him an email to make sure it will proceed.

The Grand is in the books and NC shooters made their way back home over the weekend. Some may still be in Sparta, and some ventured over to the Cardinal that starts this Wednesday.

NC shooters showed up and won in style. They put in a great effort and that is what counts. I will do my best to list all of the NC winners and if I miss something just let me know.

Here goes – Event #3 Little Egypt Doubles – Kenny Cox D RU 93. Event #6 Precision Fit Stocks Doubles – Ken Cox D 3rd – Jim Hughes SVet RU 99. Event #9 Kolar Doubles – John Williams SubJr 3rd 99. Event # 10 NRA Singles – John Williams SubJr 3rd 199. Event #13 Blaser Handicap – Tyler Cox 25-26.5 RU 96. Event #16 Paul Shaw Handicap By Perazzi – John Williams SubJr RU 97. Event #19 Challenger Handicap – Hunter Galloway 19-20.5 3rd 97 – John Williams SubJr RU 97. Event #23 Caesar Guerini Handicap – Tyler Cox 25-26.5 96. Excel Bottling Company Super 500 Singles – Jim Hughes SrVet 482x500. Now there may be more folks and I will check again this week. Both Tyler Cox and John Williams are part of the Carolina Clay Group and Tyler is in class today in Jacksonville starting his college classes on a shooting scholarship. John Williams and his mom are in Ohio getting ready for the shoot starting at the Cardinal Center Wednesday.

I was not at the Grand but from what I have been told it was well attended with numbers similar to 2019. Weather was a factor with hot temps and severe storms. Tornado warnings were issued several days and luckily severe weather was not experienced. Shells were available if you were shooting the events and from what I heard they were selling them regardless if you were shooting or not on Thursday. Wal-Mart had shells during the AIM event and then they were gone. Mark Cox stated that shells of all types were available at the Academy he visited and another retailer.

The Grand had a challenge securing ample experienced help to load and score at the event. Like any event that can create issues for the shooters, and some expressed some issues. But that is trapshooting isn’t it. They were advertising heavy for help and looks like they had enough to get the job done.

I got a friend request from Sherwood Jenkins on Facebook last week. Sherwood was the one to beat back in the day and his name is on the wall may times at the HG in the trophy room. Sure would like to see him out and amongst us again one day soon.

Tom Shelley got back from his trip to Alaska fishing for salmon. Not sure how many pounds he shipped back home but somebody is going to be partaking of some delicious Alaskan salmon. When I grow up I want to be just like Tom. Hunting in Alabama, fishing in Alaska, trekking around the US in his travel trailer……… the dream!

Two shoots in the last two weeks and no shoot reports from Buckhorn or Durham County. Hopefully someone will write something up and get it posted soon. We appreciate folks posting the shoot results if not it will be three months before it will appear in Trap & Field.

Ok – that is about it for this week. Looks like a rainy week ahead in NC with kids going back to school the traffic will be a little thicker. Hello to Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Bobby, Thea and Anne and until next week……..smokem
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