June 28th Smoke Report

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June 28th Smoke Report

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Great weekend for shooting and I hope you were able to get out and spread some lead. Watauga and the Rockingham County Gun Club shot over the weekend and Buckhorn will host a two day shoot this weekend.

Couple of big state shoots this weekend with Virginia and Kentucky cranking up. I know several folks that are attending, and we wish them well. I have attended both state shoots and they are great.

Rockingham shot Saturday and Sunday and here is a brief overview. Weather cooperated both days and Saturday George Powell won the singles with a 99. Samantha McInteer led all handicap shooters with a 95 and Jeff Galloway and Rance Boyd tied with 94’s in doubles. Sunday Mark Cox took the top Lewis Class payout with 50 in the singles and 45 in the handicap.
Buckhorn shoots this weekend and if you cannot make it to VA or KY head on over to Buckhorn. They will treat you right and their lunches are always delicious. If Karole Miller is on a roll she provides some of the best sweets, you can eat. Cupcakes are her specialty, but she can surprise you sometime.

Shells and supplies are popping up finally. Blue Collar Reloading in Salisbury is getting supplies in and I have heard of primers, shot and powder available. I also heard about a pallet of Challenger shells landing in Aynor South Carolina at the gun club. I believe they get their targets from Crowe but I am not sure of that.

Facebook can be an interesting place, but folks are getting fed up with the shell manufacturers and their inability to get shells into the market. We keep hearing they are working 24/7 but where are the shells at. Well known trapshooters are commenting that they are having issues finding shells and absolutely refuse to pay the inflated prices. Attendance for large shoots in some areas have been down and I really don’t hear any stats on how it is really going with the shell shortage and how it is affecting shoot attendance.

I read that the New York State Trap Association was cancelling their July 4th shoot due to issues involving securing staff to run the shoot among other issues. I want to put a positive spin on things, but you would think the ATA could get involved in lobbying the manufacturers to get their act together……

Ok that is about it, and I hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday weekend. For those of you traveling to VA or KY or even BGC good luck and we will look for you on the leader board. Hopefully we will get some info from the Watauga shoot over the weekend. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy Happy 18th Birthday, Tim, Thea and Anne and until next week…………..smokem
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