May 10th Smoke Report

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May 10th Smoke Report

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Hello and another great weather weekend in the state of NC. Both days were picture perfect and included a bit of wind that was reported up and down the East Coast. No shoots upcoming this week in NC but the South Carolina State Shoot cranks up Wednesday.

The next shoots on the horizon are Watauga on the 22nd and Old Hickory Rocky Mount the 23rd. NOTE: the BIG50 scheduled for the 15th at the Buccaneer Gun Club has been cancelled.

Buckhorn hosted a 2-day shoot that featured 200 singles and 200 doubles on Saturday followed by a pork-chop feast. Sunday featured a typical 300 target program and I have yet to see a shoot report for Sunday. 27 shot in the 200-target singles event with most shooting both 100’s. Looks like Gracie Marshall and Karole Miller knotted up with 189’s with Gracie the champ. 15 shot the 200 doubles and Caleb Dancy emerged the winner with a 189 in the windy conditions.

After the shooting was over, they prepared a dinner consisting some thick pork-chops and side dishes created by some of the ladies at BGC. I noticed a picture of those slabs of pork on the grill and they looked tasty. I ate these pork-chops years ago and they were delicious. Chef Crabtree and Chef Miller outdid themselves from what I heard.

A friend of mine I worked with at the County rode with me to put up our shelter at the Spartanburg Gun Club Saturday. The ride was good but the idiots on I-85 was surprising. I used to think Prius and BMW drivers were aggressive, but you can add Tesla drivers to the list also. We arrived about 11 and pitched one 10x10 and staked out 10x20 for Jeff Galloway when he gets down Friday morning.

We also had chemicals applied to all the fire any mounds around and under the tents because they are no fun. Tammie Wilkins and SGC club members were deep cleaning the clubhouse and washing the windows and getting it ready for the upcoming state shoot. The grounds looked great as usual, and it is the calm before the storm. They will be using 8 traps and will start on trap 3 in front of the clubhouse. You will shoot 100 per field and that means minimal time between rounds. That means no longer than 3 minutes before you go back to the line. In Georgia, they wanted you to take a box out to the line so when you finished you grabbed that box and immediately went back to shooting. Not sure if SC will require that but be prepared in case they do.

With the shell and component shortage you would think shoots would be poorly attended but that does not seem to be the case. Somehow folks are still finding shells and getting to shoots. I texted Tammie and there will be no shells for sale by the club at the shoot. If you were expecting to find shells you might need to scrounge some up before you venture to SC……

Remember the Championship Doubles will be shot on Friday afternoon. 200 singles on Saturday and 100 handicaps on Sunday. Normally doubles would be shot Sunday morning and caps that afternoon so please make a note. Weather is looking good except for Thursday with the best chance of rain. Don’t forget that Saturday night they will host a Family Fish Fry that has always been great. Be sure to squad early enough so you don’t have to smell that fish cooking on your second 100….

Ok that is about it for this week. I hope everyone has a great week and I hope all the moms had a great Mother’s Day. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week……….smokem
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