May 3rd Smoke Report

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May 3rd Smoke Report

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Good morning folks and what a beautiful weekend in North Carolina. Two great days for shooting with the Georgia State shoot wrapping up Sunday. If you are wanting to get some birds in Buckhorn has a TWO-DAY shoot over the Mother’s Day weekend.

The Rockingham Gun Club hosted the annual SCTP Singles Championship Saturday. Great turnout on a beautiful day with close to 60 shooters in all three events. Gracie Marshall broke the lone 98 in singles to capture that event. Luke Barker won the handicap and Caleb Mathis won the doubles with a 94 and the HAA. I believe everybody had a great time and thanks to all that attended and to all that pitched in and helped.

The Georgia State shoot is in the books and we had some North Carolina shooters in the winner’s circle. New shooter Tim Davis won his first ATA trophy with a Non-Resident D Class win in the Saturday Championship Singles. He had a tough first 100 and thought there is no way I can get this win. He stuck to the plan and broke a strong 95 in the 2nd 100. Congrats to him and I know there will be many more trophies soon.

Caleb Dancy shot well Saturday also with a 96 and a 50 target shootoff for Non-Resident Junior. He won another trophy, but I cannot find what it was to post it. There might have been more NC winners and hopefully I can get more info for next week.

I make my annual trip to Spartanburg this week to put up my 10x10 on the ledge behind old starting trap #1. Been putting up shelters for a lot of years until last year when we stayed in a different spot. If you make it to the SC State Shoot, come on up and sit awhile.

That is about it for this week, and I hope everyone has a great week. Weather is getting better, but my allergies are wearing me out. Not sure what is triggering them, but I hope it rains soon. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week…………smokem
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