February 8th Smoke Report

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February 8th Smoke Report

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February 8th is here, and I hope you had a great weekend. One no actually two shoots over the weekend and both were in South Carolina. Spartanburg hosted their monthly shoot Saturday and Greeneville hosted a doubles marathon Sunday. Boone cancelled their BIG50 Sunday due to inclement weather.

One event this Saturday in Virginia and it is a doubles marathon. 250 pair at the Piedmont Sportsman Club in Gordonsville Virginia. Looks like about 200 miles from Greensboro but if you like doubles and want to travel and have shells go for it. It looks like they have three traps and voice releases. Never been there and maybe there are some pictures on their Facebook page.

I know this is a page about trapshooting but I like to add info about folks that we shoot with. Tom Shelley travels to Alabama frequently to hunt hogs, deer, coyotes whatever. Currently he is there with his fiancé’s brother Jack and they have already dispatched 4 hogs and 4 deer. The hogs were given to one of the local farmers to help feed their families. The deer are being prepared for sausage that is processed, smoked and frozen for transport. Tom will hunt the next three days and travel back Thursday weather permitting. Tom is hunting near Uniontown and that is where Lewis Wyatt worked on some of the communication towers in the area. Hopefully, he will bring some of that deer sausage to one of the shoots at the homegrounds. Travel safe Tom and Jack and see you soon.

Folks are still hunting for shells and supplies in the area. The only business that has shells seems to be Bob Schultz and they are Fiocchi’s. I believe he is expecting a shipment of Noble Sport shells sometime in March according to Jim Hughes. Jim said the Charlotte area was thin on shells at the local Wal-Marts and other stores.

I did see a large assortment of shells in a warehouse at a sporting clays tournament in Vero Beach Florida. There
are shells out there but only at these tournaments. Of course, you cannot use sporting clays shells on a trapfield. I would only hope that the shotshell manufacturers will get it together soon.

It looks like the new regime is interested in making life miserable for gunowners. Lot of info on the web about a bill that would create some real problems if adopted. Please stay informed and if you are in the habit of contacting your local representative start doing it now.

Ok folks that is about it. I hope everyone has a great Valentines day and looks like another front will be rolling through her next week. I mean if it is going to snow let it snow. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week……….smokem
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