February 1st Smoke Report

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February 1st Smoke Report

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February 1st is here, and I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Saturday was ok for practice, but Sunday was pretty much a washout. Not much going on in North Carolina but surrounding states are throwing targets.

Andy Clayton rode up to Chesapeake Virginia to shoot with Clay Floyd and the crew. He had issues with his BT99 and had to shoot another gun. I believe it was his birthday on the 30th. The club is the Norfolk County Rifle Range and it looks like a one trap club. The weather was great with sunny skies and I guarantee there is snow on the ground now.

Spartanburg Gun Club is hosting their monthly shoot this Saturday the 6th. Weather is looking like temps in the mid 50’s and about 40 percent chance of rain. Of course, weather always changes and that means a 60 percent chance it will not rain. I texted Tammie Wilkins last week to check on shell and shell components in her area. She said that shells were scarce, but her concern was targets.

That led to her explaining that White Flyer was running 24/7 to produce targets due to a shutdown during the COVID pandemic. I believe she mentioned 9 weeks they were shutdown, and they are trying to prepare for the upcoming shooting season. That prompted us at the Rockingham County Gun Club to pack our houses and will try to order today. I believe Crowe has targets now but not sure when the next shipment will arrive. I have also seen comments on Facebook regarding the inability for sporting clay clubs to purchase rabbit targets.

I reached out to Terry Roush wintering in sunny Florida and asked about the availability of shells at the Silver Dollar Gun Club. He explained that the word is to bring your own shells because the supplies are limited. If I am not mistaken the Silver Dollar registers targets all throughout the week. They have a highly active shooting schedule, and the Southern Grand is just a month away.

The Watauga Gun Club will host their monthly BIG50 this Sunday the 7th. Right now, the weather looks like 1-3 inches of snow and temps in the high 20’s. Now the Boone folks are a bunch of hardy souls and it remains to be seen if they will shoot in those conditions, but I wouldn’t put it past them. I would like to hear the stories and see the pictures.

We had a workday at the Rockingham County Gun Club Saturday and was surprised to see Hunter Galloway and his son Patrick and his children. Patrick was in the area because his father-in-law passed recently due to COVID. Hunter commented that there were three NC State Junior champions in the room, and I said I think you are right. Patrick was leaving for Alabama after dinner to make it out of the storm area.

A lot of us remember Cliff Dowdy and he passed away several years ago. His son has a lot of his guns for sale and has a list of them in case anyone is interested. You can email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you. There are a variety of guns including beretta autos and breakdown guns.

Ok that is it for this week and I hope everybody has a great week. If you do find shells or components you better snatch them up . The Mace shell source dried up but I got a spy going to take a look early this week. Hello to Lou, Scott in PA, 2 shot Ronnie, College Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week…….smokem
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