January 25th SMoke Report

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January 25th SMoke Report

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It is Monday January 25th and February is almost here. The weather for the most part has been fairly good, and folks were out practicing this weekend. Folks are shooting in and around NC and hopefully I can get out to a registered match soon.

The NCTA shoot calendar has been updated to include the shoot schedule for the Rockingham Gun Club. Donna Cornett does a great job keeping the calendar up to date and we appreciate her efforts. You can find the calendar for the shoots and the BIG50’s at http://www.nctrap.com

The Hall of Fame board met Saturday January 23rd at the Buckhorn Gun Club. The HOF shoot is scheduled for April and hopefully it will be held on schedule as planned. With the COVID situation and the vaccine issues it remains to be seen what will happen. Not to mention the crew from Old Fort being available to score/load/manage the line like they did in 2019.

Two fine folks will be inducted into the NC HOF and they are Jeff Galloway and Marty Hill. When a person is considered for the HOF a lot of things go into making the decision. Some are inducted based on their shooting skills, some for their contributions to trapshooting in NC and others for their monetary contributions to the sport. Regardless of how they make it you can rest assured the board has picked a great person to be inducted. I could these two fellows for many paragraphs but folks that know them know they deserve their spot on the wall.

I have been taking the time to call folks that I have met during the years I have been back in shooting. I called PA shooter Max Morbeto the other day and he had just finished shoveling his yard. He said his neighbor came out to do his and Max decided to break his 4 wheeler out with the plow and do his neighbors yard. Max commented that his neighbor was older than him and Max is a young 75 years old. Max lives 35 miles North of Altoona and said they had about 8 inches on the ground. I met Max at the Konne-Yaut Indian shoot back in 2010 at West Penn Sportsman. We got to talking and he said you do not sound like you are from around here. I told him I was from NC and he immediately said do you know my friend Perry Kemp? We have been fast friends ever since. He also commented that he bought all his reloading supplies in early 2020 and it has been extremely hard to find shells or supplies in his area. We are all hoping that we will be able to shoot in July at West Penn at the Indian shoot.

The last Buckhorn shoot they posted that Charlie Brown had donated trophies to be given to the youth shooters. These are trophies that Charlie has won over the years at various shoots around the country. Sunday, he showed up at the Rockingham Gun Club and brought a box of trophies that can be given away to youth shooters at out registered events. He drove all the way up from his home just to bring those pieces of history. He has also donated to other clubs in the state. He said that if he didn’t give them away, they would just be sitting in a box in storage and he wanted to make sure they were awarded again. I am going to make sure that a copy of his HOF induction program is included with the trophy. That young boy or girl that takes that award home is displaying a piece of trapshooting history and that is for sure.

Some may have remembered Jack King and he was lovingly know as the “Silver King”. He shot trap and skeet back in the day and had a distinctive call. He won so many trophies he built and addition to his home just to house all his winnings. Jack ran a club near the airport with one trap and two skeet fields until Fed-Ex built a runway over it. Jack developed dementia and not exactly sure when he passed. They said his kids sifted through the trophies to remove the silver trophies and all the other trophies went in the dumpster. I am sure all of us have trophies that could be repurposed for future events for our youth participants.

The hunt for shells and supplies is still on and I was able to get 2 bags of shot and 1 one pound can of Green Dot. Evidently the Gun Shop in Lexington had shot and some powder with shot selling for $45 a bag. Looks like pistol and rifle primers are tough to find also. The trip I took to Asheboro got me a contact with a fellow that had a sister that was trying to sell all her husband’s reloading components. I turned that over to Mark Cox and he said he hit the motherload. If you are looking for pistol/rifle reloading components you might want to give Mark a call.

It looks like Vista will be keeping the Remington name to sell the shells. Since they also own Federal, they are going to be producing some premium shells for sure. You see them advertised on Facebook, but the question is where can you find the darn things. Also, it looks like Harlan Campbell will be shooting Winchester products according to what I have read. Back in the day they had a factory class I guess it was called for all the factory reps to compete against each other. Considering they were sponsored by gun and shell manufacturers. I remember Don Sutton and Bill Flynn and maybe someone can remember some of the other guys back in the day.

Looks like Taylor Horner and Caleb Dancy have committed to shoot for Montreat College. Congratulations to these two and certainly looking forward to them winning for the Cavaliers. I am excited that in this day and time young men and woman can go to college and compete in the shooting sports.

Well, that is about it and a big Hapburday to Brandon Mathews! I hope everybody has a great week and looks like some winter precip later in the week. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Brandons momma Anne and until next week……..smokem
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