January 18th Smoke Report

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January 18th Smoke Report

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Hello and I hope you had a great weekend wherever you are or were. Not much going on in NC other than folks practicing and looking for shells. The NC mountains got a good coating of snow and if you like to shoot in it Watauga is the place to go.

Coming up this weekend Watauga shoots their BIG50 the 24th and if you want to shoot a regular program Christiansburg VA shoots the 24th also. The NC shooting calendar will be filling up shortly we hope. Some clubs are holding off on establishing dates due to the COVID situation and we certainly understand.

I traveled to Asheboro Tuesday to look for shotgun shells and rimfire 22 shells. I met a friend that I traveled with when I worked for the Sheriff’s Office. He knows everybody in Asheboro and was involved in the hunter safety program in that area. We visited Dunham’s, two pawn shops and a gun shop and not a shotgun shell to be found.

My honeyhole at Mace in Mebane dried up really quick after I posted that pallet of Nitro’s. Jeff Galloway traveled down there 3 days in a row to buy Nitro’s and when he returned Saturday, they had put the shells behind the counter. From what I understand you got to buy a gun before you can buy Nitro’s? I am going to call down there and check in the morning.

Mark Cox made a find at the Gun Store in Lexington and I landed two bags of shot and a pound jug of Green Dot. That was just a tip of the iceberg considering the two bags of shot limit. I did not want to pay $45 a bag for shot but what do you do.

I talked to Gorgeous George Brown last week and he is reloading his shells. At one time George tried to sell all his supplies and his automated reloader. His price for all of his stuff was very reasonable but folks thought his price was too high. Man, they should have jumped on all that stuff considering what this are going for today. He told me that Marty Hill is the man with the shells and not sure where he is picking up all his ammo.

George also stated that Marty, Greg, George, and Charlie Ackroyd took a trip to Coharie to shoot and had a great time. George lives in Dunn and I believe he said it was 30 plus miles for him to get to CSL. I sure miss shooting registered targets at Coharie and those were some good times. George said Al Williams is super busy with his business and that is great. Mac is retired now and is really being cautious with all the COVID floating around.

I checked in with Tom Shelley early in the week and he was sitting in a tree stand in Alabama. He sent me a picture of his field of vision and in one of the pictures there were 4 turkeys eating his corn. He had killed a pig the night before and said he would be coming back Sunday. He has one more trip planned for February and hopefully he will spot a big buck then.

Tom Brown is scheduled to have his left eye worked on and he is looking forward to being able to see out of that eye. He is a one eye or two eye shooter evidently and hopes to get back up over the traphouse real soon. February 4th is the procedure date and then the rehab. I am planning double cataract surgery here in the near future.

I reached out to George Sudderth last week and he is doing fine. He suffers from sciatica and thinks he has got that squared away. He also had some issues with his eye and hopefully all this will be resolved before he gets back to shooting. I asked him about shells, and he said he would just get them from Bob Schultz.

Montreat shooter Makayla Scott drove from WVA to GA to compete against Emmanuel College in a Sporting Clays match. The weather was cool and windy but that didn’t stop Makalyla from winning the Ladies HOA Champ with an 89. She is sponsored by MEC and CZ and also is a journalist contributing to several magazines about the shooting sports. Good luck to her and her team this year.

Looks like the weather will be nice this week and when is it going to snow is what I want to know. Have a great week everybody and hopefully folks can get out and practice a little bit. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week……..smokem
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