December 14th Smoke Report

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December 14th Smoke Report

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Greetings and another great weather weekend in North Carolina. I hope you had a chance to get out and break a few clays this weekend. Rockingham hosted a non-registered 50 bird wobble shoot and Watauga hosted a BIG50 Sunday.

The calendar for shooting in NC will be filling up here shortly and even Ft. Bragg will be hosting three shoot dates in 2021. March 13 – June 26 – October 30 are the three dates that Ft. Bragg will hold events and we are happy they cranked back up. Here are the links to the BIG50 and NCTA calendar.

I took a moment to check on a few folks last week and made a call to Roger Bynum and Billy Thigpen. Roger sounded good and is getting ready for the holiday season. He does not shoot anymore due to prior surgeries and recoil could be a problem. I know he wants to shoot and really misses the sport and the people. I told him to ride up for the Hall Of Fame in April and come see everybody. Not sure how COVID will be then so time will tell.

Billy Thigpen sounded good also and he discussed his medical issues and all the issues regarding his wife’s health. He has had his hands full getting her to the doctor and the hospital for her surgeries. He has two daughters with one living close and the other in New York. Billy has not shot in quite some time and really wants to get back out amongst us.

This has been a crazy year and getting a call from a friend can really be uplifting. We do not know what folks are growing through and quite a few trapshooters are getting up in age including me. Please take a moment and check on a few of your trapshooting friends between now and Christmas.

Rockingham hosted a 50 Bird Wobble Fun Shoot Saturday, and 35 folks took the line for some fun. Mark Cox was high score with a 48, James Brown and Chuck Middleton mid Lewis and Chase Smith took low Lewis. Then we had a shootout for the Hi-Gun purse with the top three scores and two wildcard shooters. 20 yard wobble – 2 per post and miss and out. Mark Cox – Owen Baldwin – Tommy Brown – Mike Hatfield and Casey Smith took the line. They commenced to shooting and Mark/Owen/Tom missed, and Mike hit his target and Casey missed his target. 1 target shootoff and it was all over – Break 1 target and Mike won 175 bucks. Mike runs out skeet program and he will be telling that story for years to come.

Ok that is about it for this week. Looks like a little winter weather moving in this week and if you are a skier it might be time to take a trip. I am still hunting for shells and hopefully that will getter better soon. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week……..smokem
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