November 16th Smoke Report

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November 16th Smoke Report

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We are halfway through November and shooting is winding down a little bit. Folks are preparing for thanksgiving and with the governor’s mandate it is going to be interesting. There will be one more smoke report before the big day and then Turkey Day.

Old Hickory at Rocky Mount shot Sunday and they hosted 20 shooters. Weather was a little sporty and wet at times. Karole Miller won the singles with a 97, Megan Smith won the caps with an 86 and got a punch to the 21. Caleb Mathis won the doubles with an 85 and the HOA with a 258 one bird better that Joe Nalley.

Spent a little time talking to Danny Lloyd this week and he is selling off his reloading stash. Some have bought shot and I picked up some primers and powder. He still has reclaimed shot that came from the Silver Dollar if I am not mistaken. He is doing well and has lost a ton of weight. He says you will not recognize him at his new size.

I would like you to remember Mark Spoon and his family during this holiday season. Mark lost his brother to COVID and we all thought he was going to make it. Some folks think it is a joke but COVID is killing people as I type this smoke report. Just found out one of my friends’ elderly mom, sister and two nieces contracted it and they have tried to stay away from it.

I hope everyone has a great week and the last NC shoot is at Buckhorn December 6th. The Rockingham County Gun Club will be hosting a 50 bird Wobblelimination with the date TBA. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week……….smokem
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