September 21st Smoke Report

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September 21st Smoke Report

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What a great windy weekend that was. After the rain here came the wind and for those of us shooting it was sporty. Rockingham shot over the weekend and Watauga will hold a shoot this Saturday the 26th.

Rockingham hosted their Memorial shoot Saturday and it was well attended. Caleb Mathis won the singles with a 94, Mark Spoon won the caps with a 93 and Tommy Brown won the dubs with a 91. Mark Cox won the HOA with a 271 in windy conditions. Sandy Wyatt donated a 100-dollar bill for the handicap winner and Mark Spoon broke a 93 and got a ½ yard punch back to the 25-yard line. The Rock hosted their BIG50 Sunday and 17 showed up to shoot. Mark Spoon won the event with a 90 and Scott Shoulars took the second Lewis.

Watauga shoots this weekend and if you have never traveled to Boone you owe it to yourself to get there. 4 traps with a bank background that gradually moves away as you go right. They always have a great lunch and if you play the money you can win it back if you shoot good. Lots of great memories in that valley and if you take the time to look at the walls of the clubhouse you will see some great scores also.

Dixie Grand is just a few weeks away and if you need to get classified prior to the event Marty Hill is the man to contact. Also, pre-squad is available for you to get on a squad and saves time in the clubhouse getting checked in. No telling what the weather is going to be so pack shorts, jeans, boots, and a rain jacket. The two new fields on the West End will possibly be muddy even though they have been seeded. So be prepared for mud is what I am trying to say. Hopefully, they will restrict vehicle travel past a certain point to avoid chopping up the ground if wet.

Ok that is about it for this week and I am looking forward to going to Boone this weekend. It has been a long time since I have shot at Watauga and it will be great getting back up there. Have a great week everybody and hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week……….smokem
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