Buckhorn 8/4/2019

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Buckhorn 8/4/2019

Post by straightaway » Sun Aug 04, 2019 5:20 pm

Hot, humid and nasty. Those were the conditions for shooters at BCG today. Dunno what the actual high was temp wise but the humidity was thick, real thick.

Good crowd of shooters showed up. There were a couple of brand new Jrs shooting their very first registered targets. It's always a great thing when new people show up and embrace this sport of ours. We had 28 for singles, 25 for caps and 17 for the twins. Good scores in all 3 events. Two of the events and the HOA were taken by Sr Vets......they aren't over the hill yet and you'd best not forget about them or they'll sneak up and grab your lunch money!

Scarlett brought Jeff over to shoot singles with little Acapulco on board. She appears to ready to ready to go anytime. The also brought Scotch along - he was making romantic advances on Marty's kitty kat Sam.....

Cold cuts, beans and a pile of desert goodies got everybody fed. The Faithful got things up and running kept the show going with no issues at all. The only hitch being was there were a few ties that didn't get settled fast enough to suit Auman. We do that just to irritate him sometimes to see just what he can come up with (:>)

Let's see who did what..........

Champ - Joe Nalley over John Miller 99
AA - John Miller 99
A - John Martin 98
B - Curtis Odem 98 (ya shoulda heard him squealing at the classification table)
C - Glenn Alford 94
D - Roland Smith 83
Lady - Tiffany Decker 97
Sr Vet - Charles C Brown Jr 97
Vet - Brad Barnett 90
Sub Vet - Dan Johnson 98
Jr - Stephen Timbinaris and Ean Wagoner 94
S Jr - Gray Loy 92

Champ - John Martin over Ean Wagoner 94 (+.5 yd)
Short - Ray Carona 93
Mid - Glenn Alford 93
Inter - Charles C Brown Jr 92
Long - John Miller 90
Lady - Karole Miller 87
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 88
Vet - Brad Barnett 91
Sub Vet - Walter Mabe 91
Jr - Ean Wagoner 94

Champ - Charles C Brown Jr 98
AA - John Miller 97
B - Walter Mabe 94
C Chris Powell 87
D - Eric Sherer 79
Lady - Tiffany Decker 94
Sr Vet - Joe Nalley 90
Vet - Curtis Odem 85
Sub Vet - Dan Johnson 96
Jr - Ean Wagoner 89

HOA - ............Charles C Brown Jr 287 (atta boy!)

And that is That! The new target year is less than a month out followed soon after by the Dixie Grand.

Shoot well and often. Travel Safe and we'll see you next time wherever it is. Dan

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