DCWC July 27th Results

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DCWC July 27th Results

Post by Scotch25 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:17 pm

Greetings and salutations from the crew at DCWC. Yesterday we had a big crowd in for Miss Scarlett’s “Avocado” shoot. Turns out there wasn’t a single avocado that gave its life for the cause. Instead, Avocado is the nickname of baby she has on board and a cake revealed the gender. This confirms what we all have known for years; trap shooters are an eccentric lot that don’t need a coherent reason to gather for a shoot.

New ATA shooters included Kay Rogers, Thomas Tomchik and Seth Soffa. Special mention for the youngins’: John Williams showed great improvement since his first shoot at the Big D, winning sub jr in all 3 events, and congrats to Tyler Cox for smoking the field in singles. Finally, a shout out to the good folks from Forsyth Phoenix who showed up in en masse and the usual crowd from The Rock.

Singles (44 shooters) CHAMP: Tyler Cox 99
AA: Dan Johnson 94
A: Mark Damon Cox 97
B: Ed Rabenda 95 (tie: Richard Evans)
C: Dwayne Thomas 95 (ff Dean Selleseth)
D: Tommy Tomchik 92

Sb Vet: Richard Evans 95
Vet: Ronald Costanzo 89
Sr Vet: Joe Nalley 93
Lady I: Clara Brown 81
Jr: Kurt Shuler 95
Sb Jr: John Williams 91

Handicap (34 shooters) CHAMP: Kurt Shuler 96 (0.5 yard punched)
Short: Ray Corona 87 (the artist formerly known as Yazdi)
Inter: Perry (PK) Kemp 93
Mid: Ed Rabenda 91
Long: Thomas Brown 95

Sb Vet: Dan Johnson 93
Sr Vet Glenn Alford 80
Jr: Marshall Tomchik 85
Sb Jr: John Williams 91
Lady I: Carley Corona 83
Lady II: Patricia Dawyer 84

Doubles (25 shooters) CHAMP: Dan Johnson 95
A: Thomas Brown 91
B: Ronnie Manuel 84
C: John Martin 85
D: Mark Damon Cox 90

Sb Vet: Perry Kemp 83
Sr Vet: Ed Rabenda 65
Jr: Tyler Cox 89
Sb Jr: John Williams 83
Lady I: Margaret Johnson 64

HOA: Thomas Brown 282
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