Crazy Martha

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Crazy Martha

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This is a light tasty anytime treat that we lovingly refer to as Crazy Martha. Some might know it as "Pink" Salad and in no way is related to Rickard aka "Pinky" Colley.


14oz Eagle Brand Milk
15 1/4oz Crushed Pineapple
8oz Container Kool Whip
21oz Can Cherry Pie Filling
2 (1/2) Cup Packages Chopped Pecans

How To Prepare:

Strain pineapple and mix all ingredients together in a bowl that can sit covered in the refrigerator. Save 1 package of the pecans to sprinkle on top of the finished mixed product.

This is a rich tasty treat and is super easy to prepare for any event! Heck I might even bring some to the next BGC shindig:-)
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