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SC Trapshooting History

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Sent to me by Ron Burdick.....

Did you know . . . . . .

That Isaac Andrews, a wealthy 52 year old man from Spartanburg, S. C. won the 1928 Grand American Handicap. He shot in the first squad out, started on peg 4 and broke 23-23-24-25 for the top score of 95 from the 20-yard mark. There was one 93, two 92's and 8 91's. He topped a field of 885 entries. He received in regular money, Ford purse and other options, around $2,000, besides a $200 gold watch, a Frigidaire and replica of the Gates Trophy, emblematic of the G.A.H. Championship.

Because of the low scores the previous day, Andrews score looked pretty good, but nobody thought it would stand as the winner. It was a rainy day with dark clouds overhead.

He used the new Western Super Trap Handicap load with copperized shot in his L. C. Smith gun with Hunter Arms Co. ventilated rib and single trigger.

Mr. Andrews was the 1927 South Carolina State champion and runnerup to Paul Earle in the '28 State Doubles championship.


Kenny Ray
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