Things Have Changed Since 1960

The ongoing saga of the gun purchased in Boone and shot around the Country!
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Things Have Changed Since 1960

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Subject: Things Have Changed Since 1960
From: Hap MecTweaks
Date: Wed, Nov 02, 2011 - 11:05 AM ET
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1955; Yardage increased from the 25 to 27 yards.

1960; Soft chilled shot in new ammo from all the major ammo makers and for reloading as well. Cardboard and felt wadding in paper hulls housed the components of the day and wouldn't be close to acceptable today.

1964; after the yardage increase from 25 to 27, it took 9 years for the first 100 straight to be broken from the new 27 yard line.

1965; The introduction of all new all plastic AA wad from Win/Olin for target loads. Around that same time frame, antimony was added to shot for hardness for superior patterns, especially at longer distances.

1969/70; Trap interrupters were mandated for all Winchester hand set 1524 traps to help prevent top shooters from locking the trap position and shooting their neighbors same angle target.

1979/80; The cheating era began on the west coast to entice more top average leaders to shoot their club to maintain higher averages for west coast shooters.

1982; I personally shot my very first less than 34 degree angles at Redlands T&S club in southern CA. Those targets were set as true straights from stations 2 and 4! I contacted the CA delegate informing him of the rule violation taking place that day.

1982/2011; Setting illegal angles spread across the country like a wildfire in the name of shooting higher scores and averages! The acceptance of cheating our own rules is a shameful era in the historical aspect of our sport! Some clubs adhered to the rule book settings while some didn't on a nationwide basis. One of our past Presidents stated publicly that he began registering targets in 1982 and never shot any 44 degree settings anywhere (those set according to the rule book at that time). I'd have to guess cheating was more prevalent in certain areas of the country than others? The delegates nationwide shirked their responsibilities to enforce our organizations rule pertaining to angles and distances a legal target must be thrown.

1995/6; The rule was changed to allow 34 degree angles to be legal targets for registered purposes in ATA shooting. Every target setting change to our sport since the mandated (TRAP MACHINE INTERRUPTERS)in the late 60s/70s has been a movement for easier thrown targets.

Read the suggestion put to a vote at our last Grand American meeting by several popular delegates wanting an even easier thrown target. Be sure the delegates we elect for the future are wanting what's best for our sport instead of their own personal egos with high scores and averages! To surpass the old timers that set shooting records with the inferior guns and ammunition mentioned at the top of this post? Whoopeee n lookiee at meee and my great scores today!!

K005, I hope this kinda brings you into the current day of soothing shooting egos and who's responsible for those ( CHANGES )in our sport.

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