September 18th Smoke Report

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September 18th Smoke Report

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Greetings from the Tarheel State and September is about halfway gone. Several shoots in North Carolina over the weekend and one trap shoot coming up this Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day with sunny skies and Sunday was wet for the most part.

Ft. Liberty (formerly Ft. Bragg) hosted a shoot Saturday and had a pretty good turnout. Charlie Brown led all 18 singles shooters with a 97, Tim Crabtree won the handicap with a 94 and Joel Schram won the doubles with a 92 and the HOA with a 281x300.

Saturday the Rockingham County Gun Club hosted their annual “Memorial” shoot, and it was a great day to compete. Chris Powell led all 17 shooters with a solid 98 and tied Colson Allen and they were both in the same squad. It took an actual 25 bird shoot off to determine the winner, Chris Powell. 15 shooters stepped to the line for the handicap and VA youth shooter Matthew Coates was hi-gun with a 94 and earned a ½ yard for his efforts. Doubles found two youth shooters knotted up with 93’s and it was Matthew Coates and Jacob Gossett. After an actual 20 bird shoot off Matthew was the winner. With a 97-94-94 Matthew Coates was the HOA winner. A big shout out to Art Bodell and thanks for burning some gas to shoot with us and hope you will attend again real soon.

We honored four individuals at this shoot, and it included Elmo Matkins, Lewis Wyatt, JC Nunn and Joe Nimer. Four club members donated $100 for each event and the HOA. Pictures of these shooters were printed out and put in picture frame with $100 bills. It made for some nice trophies and heck I would have liked to take one home.

One trap shoot this weekend and it will be held at the Watauga Gun Club. Always a good time at Watauga and the weather is looking marvelous with 65 degrees for the high in Boone. This will be a great warmup for the Dixie that will start Tuesday of next week.

Speaking of the Dixie Grand it will crank up the 26th of September and end on October 1st. The big boys and girls of trapshooting will be traveling to NC to scoop up those All-American points and post some great scores. If you are looking for registered targets in a great competitive environment this is the shoot to attend. You need to check for targets requirements because if you don’t have enough registered targets, you might be bumped up in class for singles and doubles and bumped back to the 23 or 25 for handicap.

Ok that is about it for this week. Hello to John Sandell and praying for you and your condition. Hello to Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Bobby, Phil, Mac, Thea and Anne and until next week……….smokem
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