August 1st Smoke Report

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August 1st Smoke Report

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Greetings from Jamestown NC and I hope you had a great weekend. Hot for sure and here comes August rolling in with temps in the 90’s. But heck it is summertime and before you know it the cooler temps will be here and not soon enough.

The trapshooting world was saddened to hear of the passing of ATA treasurer Robert “Bob” Goodman. He had battled illness for several years and was always upbeat about the future. Jeff and Hunter Galloway had planned to stay with him overnight on their way to Sparta on July 30th. He shot his last registered targets on 6/11/2021 at the NC State shoot and broke a 95 in singles. Lifetime he shot 68,700 singles – 57,450 handicap and 53,400 doubles for a total of 179,550 targets. He will sorely be missed and please remember his family at this time.

One two-day shoot coming up this weekend at the Buckhorn Gun Club. Looks like the weather will be typical for August with temps in the high 80’s. Program should be 100-100-100 but they might switch it up you just never know. Always a great lunch to be had and tasty treats by Karole “Cupcake” Miller.

Ft. Bragg hosted a three hundred target program Saturday. Forecast of rain all week with predictions in the 85% range. Those weather forecasters don’t know jack squat evidently and missed it “again”. 19/15/9 stepped to the line Saturday with New Mexico transplant Joel Schram winning the singles with a 98. Glenn Alford won the caps with a 91 and got the punch. Shawn Reese and Caleb Mathis tied with 89’s with Caleb the eventual winner and he also won HOA with 96x90x89=275. Marty had a lot of help running the shoot and thanks to them and to all that attended. Next Ft. Bragg shoot is September 17th so please make a note of it….

I talked to Phil Berkowitz earlier in the week and he sounds great and is back out shooting a bit after a pretty involved back surgery. Of course, with it being hot they get out to practice very early in the mornings to beat the heat. He is shooting his souped up Beretta AL-391 and it might be awhile before he embraces the Infinity…….I have seen pictures of Florida clubs that have big umbrella’s mounted in buckets filled with concrete so they can shoot in the shade. I guess you must adapt to get the job done. Hopefully Phil can make it up to shoot with us in North Carolina one day.

Speaking of back surgeries, I guess most of you know Bill Howe had back surgery in late May. He is doing ok and has not started therapy yet. He says he probably won’t be able to shoot until after September 1st. We hope he mends well and that he can get back into shooting shape before the Dixie at the end of September.

There is a new Gun Club registering targets in the state of North Carolina. Craven County Law Enforcement Association has listed several dates for BIG50’s and it is in New Bern NC. Not real sure who has put this club on the map, but I am glad they did. It is only 45 minutes from my moms’ home in Morehead City and gives me another excuse to visit her and shoot trap. Address is 1895 Spring Garden Road New Bern NC 28562. I looked at their website and not sure how many traps they have, and one field has 16 yards pads. Anyway, glad they are registering targets and hope to visit and shoot and get some pictures soon.

Jeff Galloway flew back to Greensboro from St. Louis Sunday night. Jeff and Hunter drove up most of the way Saturday and the first leg they stopped about 7. They made the final push Sunday, and they said the weather was good but hot. Jeff will fly back up next Friday and start shooting Saturday. Not sure who is going up but I wish all our North Carolina shooters well in Sparta.

One more traveler to report on and that is Tom Shelley, and he is in Alaska dodging bears and fishing. He says the fishing is slow, but the salmon filet pictures he sent sure look good. He also sent me a video of a fellow processing a halibut. He is also helping process wood for the big firepit at the camp. He has about a week to get some more salmon and ship a bunch of salmon back to North Carolina. Travel safe Tom and hope to see you at WGC soon.

Ok folks that is about it and I know I missed something and yes I did. The Dixie Grand is in late September early October, and they need referees for the event. If you are interested in making some money and watching some of the best shooters in the country compete this is for you. Contact Jim Hughes at [email protected]

That is about it, and I hope everyone has a great week ahead. Hello to Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Bobby, Thea and Happy Anniversary Anne and until next week…………smokem
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