Crews Report 2013

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Crews Report 2013

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Crews Report.....
Good morning and hope all is well in the old TarHeelState.... I just got a "Crews Report" from Charlie Keiger Crews Walden's running buddy. I failed to comment in the Smoke Report that Crews broke a 92 at Watauga to win the handicap event in the hollow at WGC.
Feeling inspired Crews slipped South across the border and slipped in under the radar to post a yard producing 97 at the Spartanburg GC monthly shoot.

Crews will be appearing at the NC State Shoot today for a cameo appearance.....Good luck Crews......

Thursday.....from the NC HG
Heard Crews shot well Wednesday and also broke a 50 straight in the "Special" handicap event Wednesday evening........Crews is in it to win it.......
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