98th Annual South Carolina State Trapshoot

Info about shoot dates and scores from around the nation.
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98th Annual South Carolina State Trapshoot

Post by smokem » Mon May 20, 2013 4:28 pm

South Carolina State Shoot 2013
Sunday @ 11PM - Jack Young broke a 99 today in the SC Handicap Championship. He topped the entire field and he was tickled with his score for sure.
SC shooter Dustin Biggs is the SC Handicap Champ with his state high 97. Even Marty Hill put up a 96 to get a little SC concrete to take back home to NC.

JR shooter Hunter Baughman topped all doubles shooters with his 99 and the SC State Doubles title. Don Kearce took Bob Boswell to the woodshed in a 20 pair doubles shootoff with Don the ultimate non-resident winner. Jeff Galloway took RU out of state doubles with a 95 and Tommy Brown took A class. Not to forget George Ponton with his C class win and to think I missed my 100th bird for an 89.

Saturday @ 10PM - Saturday morning started out wet and gloomy with torrential rain falling in Spartanburg. I told my squad that it would stop raining when we got to the line and sure enough it slowed down and stopped.

100's were broken in the morning by Ted Carwile, Jeff Galloway, Gary Olson and sure who else ran them. The second 100 cranked up and the rain finally wound up stopping.

When the dust settled Gary Olson won the South Carolina singles with a lone 199 and he shoots an 1100. Ted Carwile won open singles champ with a 199 and Jeff Galloway won RU with his 198.

George Ponton won open B and Greg High won the open Vet and not sure what he broke. By the time the shootoffs cranked up the sky lightened up and it was a great afternoon to sit around and eat fish.

I have pictures and hope to get some up when we get back to town on Sunday.

Friday @ 9:45PM - it was a hot one here today and some good scores were broken in all three events. Gary Olson won the PreDbls with a 97, Gary Olson and Ralph Harrelson posted 96's that got both of them back to the 24.5 and Ted Warwile and Billy Griffin tied with 100's in the singles.

All is well and looking forward to the singles in the morning. Marty Hill hit the Lewis bigtime in the caps with his 89. We are looking for the crowd to pickup for the championship weekend and we hope it does!

Hello from the 98th Annual South Carolina State Shoot in Spartanburg. The weather has been great with Carolina blue skies Wednesday and overcast skies Thursday.

We checked the 2011 and 2012 attendance and it looks like Thursday is up over 2012 and that is great. The camping spots aren't filled up but there are new faces camping this year.

Wednesday winners are as follows - Frank Foster Singles Ted Carwile 100 - Jackie Roush Handicap Gary Olson 96 - Spencer Power Doubles Kenny Inman 95.

Thursday winners include - Jim Faber Singles George Sudderth 100 - Hank Cross Handicap Ted Carwile 97 - Rebel Doubles Maynard Brooks 98.

More fun starts in the morning with the Class Doubles and it is looking like 30% chance of rain on Friday with that increasing to 60% on Saturday and Sunday. That would be thunderstorms and heck it might not even rain at the SGC.

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