March 29th Smoke Report

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March 29th Smoke Report

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Good morning and hopefully the wind did not blow you away Sunday. Two shoots over the weekend including Watauga and Old Hickory. I do not have a shoot report from Watauga but Marty reported that Brandon Matthews won the singles, doubles and HOA. Andy Clayton won the handicap and they had 13 shooters amidst a windy almost rainy Sunday.

A little thin on upcoming shoots in North Carolina with the only shoot being the Hall of Fame at the end of the month. I will be working on the April calendar and hope to get it posted shortly. Buccaneer shoots their BIG50 the 17th for the record.

The Florida State shoot just ended, and we had two youth shooters popup in the winner’s circle and congrats on their wins. Joshua Brafford in Event 10 Class Singles broke a 98 to win Non-Resident C Class. In Event 13 Florida Singles Championship he won Non-Resident C Class with a 194. Ean Wagoner in Event 15 Florida Handicap won Non-Resident JrGold with a 93.

I was digging through some photos last week and ran across a picture of George Ponton. I decided to give him a call and he seems to be doing well. He has not been shooting in quite some time and said he might ride up to the Hall of Fame for the induction of Jeff Galloway and Marty Hill into the HOF. Hopefully, he will be out and about real soon.

The Hall of Fame is coming up at the end of the month and Jeff Galloway and Marty Hill will be inducted into the North Carolina Hall of Fame. Two deserving individuals indeed and the induction ceremony will be held between the 100’s on Saturday. Only 30 minutes will be available for the two new members so it will be short and sweet.

Jeff and I traveled extensively in his teenage years. I was there when he won the NC Singles Championship in Bostic and on his squad when he broke his first 200 straight in Sparta 2006. Being able to shoot during your college years can be a little tough but he managed to keep it all together and graduate from UNC-CH with a double major. He achieved AA27AA and shot a ton of targets that year and the majority were not in the state of North Carolina. I do not know if this is a first but Jeff, his father and grandfather will all be members of the NCHOF.

Marty Hill is a larger-than-life figure with a great personality. Not only is he a great shooter he managed the Ft. Bragg trap program for many years and also the Old Hickory registered shoots. He has been the main man at the NC Homegrounds and has pulled off some huge shoots in his tenure with the NCTA. He always has a smile and easy going and willing to offer advice if needed. Greg High will be doing his induction.

Shells………………………………………anybody found any? I did see a picture of a stack of new Federal shells in new packaging at a Wal-Mart. Not sure where it was but folks were awful excited to think shells would be returning to stores. The Southwestern Grand has announced that shells might not be available for their shoot and even though shells will be available they might not offer the premium shells some shooters prefer. In other words, bring your shells to be sure to have what you need to shoot. That would be a real problem for shooters that fly in and expect to buy shells on the grounds. Not sure how the Silver Dollar managed to offer shells and how the Southwest Grand is struggling to offer them.

Ok that will do it for this smoke report. Next is Easter weekend and I hope everyone has a great time with friends and family. South Carolina has moved their monthly shoot to the second Saturday of April. Have a great week everybody and hello to Lou, Scott, Lonnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne (Brandons Momma) and until next week…………………………….smokem
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