February 22nd Smoke Report

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February 22nd Smoke Report

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February 22nd is here, and March is upon us. I hope everyone survived Icemageddon II considering it was hyped to the max. The weekend turned out great except for cool temps and a little wind. Watauga cancelled their BIG50 and congregated at Buckhorn on Sunday.

Buckhorn hosted their monthly registered shoot Sunday and had a great 39/29/22 turnout. Caleb Dancy won the singles with the lone 100 in interesting conditions. Junior Joshua Brafford won the handicap with a 93 and the only score in the 90’s. Caleb Dancy won the doubles with the lone 96 and Lil D Tollison won the HOA with a solid 277x300.

As we enter the last week of February, we have no registered shoots in NC but there are two in the state of VA. Saturday the 27th Norfolk County Rifle Range (Chesapeake VA) shoots and Sunday the 28th the Christiansburg Gun Club shoots.

A couple of shoots around the country including the Beretta USA shoot at the Silver Dollar in Odessa Florida and the Spring Grand in Tucson Arizona. It was interesting to see the name Raffaele Marasca appear in the winner column at the Beretta USA shoot. Raffaele was very active way back in the day of the Pinehurst Gun Club and shot with Clay Floyd and other notable VA shooters. The Spring Grand has a prelim week and the Grand week. With so many scores I have included the link to the scores. I believe the Championship handicap was won a by a little lady with a lone 100 and congrats to her. Satellite Grands – https://tucsontrapandskeet.com/calendar ... hootid=976

The hunt for shells continues and it has been tough. Some of these big tournaments are getting competition shells but they are not really showing up on the shelves of the local normal hot spots. Wal-Mart, Academy Sports, Dunhams, Sportmans Warehouse, Bass Pro, Cabelas and on and on are just not stocking shells like we were used to. When will the stores start stocking the shelves is the question and hopefully it will be very soon.

Ok folks that is about it for this week. I did see an interesting NC license plate Saturday. It was on a Cadillac that ran into a Mercedes in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It was “NCSUBVET” and at first, I thought it might be a trapshooter but looks like it was a vet that was a submariner. Interesting either way and always neat to see odd vanity plates.

Have a great week everybody and hopefully we will get at least one snow before spring. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week………smokem
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