February 16th Smoke Report

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February 16th Smoke Report

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Well, here we are another Monday morning in the state of North Carolina. Rain and ice and nasty weather pretty much sums up the situation doesn’t it? Not sure who got out and shot but if you did God bless you.

Not much going on this week with registered shoots in North Carolina. One trap shoot this Saturday at Mid-Carolina in South Carolina if you really want to get out and register some targets. Just for future reference Buckhorn and Watauga shoot Sunday the 21st.

Folks are still hunting for shells looks like and Bob Schultz posted a lengthy article on his outlook on the situation. Hopefully, manufacturers will be shipping shells in the near future. The Silver Dollar hosted a shoot this weekend and with the Southern Grand just a month away folks are asking about shell availability. They have announced that they will have shells for shooters participating in their events. I did see a box of 25 shells selling for $50 on the Cheaper Than Dirt website – can you believe that?

I did have an opportunity to talk to Dave Daily in South Carolina last week. He shoots in Aynor SC and he mentioned that their club shoots the biodegradable White Flyer target. He stated that those were unavailable and that they were getting a load of pitch White Flyer targets instead. Not exactly sure why that bio order couldn’t be filled but at least they are getting targets.

I looked at the Silver Dollar Open and lo and behold who did I see but Andy Clayton winning the “C” Class HOA with an 833. Also, Kenney Cox won the “C” Class HAA with a 368 and congrats to both of these NC competitors. I will put the link to the website to view all of these events. Looks like Andy and Kenny shot well in Florida and I am sure there are other NC winners. http://shootscoreboard.com/menu.cfm?shootid=986
Also here is the link to the Spring Grand American in Tucson Arizona - http://shootscoreboard.com/menu.cfm?shootid=976

Ok folks that is about it and Michael McDowell is the Daytona 500 winner. Have a great Monday everybody and hopefully this rain will let up sometime. Hello to Lou, Chief Scott Holdren, Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week………………………smokem
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