November 9th Smoke Report

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November 9th Smoke Report

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Cruising closer to Veterans Day and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is the season to be jolly and folks are already putting up decorations. Gun clubs are having Thanksgiving and Christmas parties with all the goodies.

A big thanks to all the Veterans that have kept our country free for all of these years. Normally if I am in a place to snap a picture during the national anthem at the HG, I capture the veterans that salute the flag. Do not get me started on the craziness that is going on in our country today. All I can say is if you are a praying person you better say one right now.

Looks like folks are hunting for ammo these days and it looks like MACE sports is carrying target ammo from what I hear. There is also a store in Thomasville that you can order and drive over and just pick it up. I am looking for primers right now and any help on locating them would be appreciated.

Buckhorn held their annual Toys for Tots shoot Sunday. It was well attended with a load of folks from Watauga descending from the Mountain. Greg High won the singles with the lone 100, Doug Monjeau won the caps with a 91 and Morgan Shaw won the doubles with a 95 and the HOA with a 279x300. Looks like they collected about two tables of toys not to mention the money that is also donated along with the toys.

Old Hickory at Rocky Mount will shoot this coming Sunday the 15th. Their last shoot was a little wet and I hope the weather cooperates this time. Weather right now looks a little moist, but things do change. Marty and the crew do a great job so please attend.

Very soon the NCTA calendar will start filling up with dates for 2021. If you represent a club and do the shoot planning, please get those dates to Donna Cornett as soon as possible. Folks are known to fill their calendars out for the entire year and having those dates early is great. Dates for the major events at the NC Homegrounds are already published and can be found at

Ok folks that is about it and I hope you have a great week. For those of you that have Wednesday off get out and take a break. Also, looks like I have trapshooter coming up in the family. 15 year old Taylor Martin is going through some training right now and I hope to have her shooting registered trap real soon.

Hello to Lou, Scott, Happy Birthday Ronnie, Cowboy, Thea and Anne and until next week………..smokem
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