July 13th Smoke Report

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July 13th Smoke Report

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Good morning to all and I hope you had a great weekend. Not a ton going on, but the Southern Zone cranks up this weekend and I hope you can attend. Looks like the weather will be hot and maybe a little wet for the weekend.

Dan Johnson had an encounter with a deer last week and lived to tell about it. He left for work early as usual and hit a deer on his high performance GSX-R Suzuki motorcycle. He is doing well and really wants to get out of the hospital real soon.

Of course, the Zone starts this week and the South Carolina shoot is the next week starting on Wednesday. Here is the NCTA calendar - http://nctrap.com/shoots2017.pdf
BIG50 - http://nctrap.com/nc_big50.pdf Hopefully folks can get out and get some targets in before the NC State Shoot in late August.

The truncated Georgia State Shoot took place over the weekend and I believe they had some great weather for the Championship weekend. I know they were glad to get it in the record books since they had to move the date from early May. Both GA and SC hosted their state shoots in May knowing the weather could be nicer than the July dates they had to settle with due to the virus.

Ok that is about it folks and I hope everyone stays cool and hydrated considering the forecast for high heat index conditions. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week………..Smokem
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