June 8th Smoke Report

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June 8th Smoke Report

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Good morning folks and I hope you had a safe weekend. With all the issues going on I will not take any time to discuss any of it. I hope things return to normal whatever normal is these days. It was a great weather weekend other than being a little warm.

I hate to report that Reidsville resident Lewis Wyatt went on to be with the Lord. He had fought a long tough battle with stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer was in remission but all the treatments over time wore him down. Lifetime he registered 24,350 singles – 25,150 handicap – 21,950 doubles and shot his last registered targets at RCGC on 11/4/2018. He registered his first targets at the Rockingham Gun Club 9/14/2003. He was a great man and he will be sorely missed. Here is the link to the arrangements for Lewis - https://www.everhere.com/us/obituaries/ ... t-10966087

I made a mention of finding shells last week and lo and behold John Sandell sent me a message regarding Cabela’s. He ordered Herters 1145fps and they paid the shipping. John reported issues with the Corona virus and other medical issues. Charlotte R&PC is open but only the bathrooms are open and not the clubhouse. Folks are slow to return because of the virus. John thanks for reading the smoke report and hope to see you in person soon.

I got a text from the “Phenom” Steve Watson today and he is back out spreading lead. According to my sources he wore the crew out today first day back. I am going to do everything I can do to get back to Boone and shoot more this year. It is one of my favorite places to shoot and is usually cooler in the holler…..

Ok that is about it and I believe Jim Hughes drove out to shoot in Vernal Utah. I believe he shot on the way out and will shoot on the way back in. Also, Bill Howe is on a multi-state shoot adventure and he said he would share some pictures. Hello to Lou, Scott, Lewis RIP, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week…………….smokem
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