December 16th Smoke Report

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December 16th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:58 pm

Seasons greetings and at this time last year North Carolina was recovering from a big snowstorm. What was it maybe a foot of the white stuff that messed up travel and Christmas shopping for all. Luckily the weather held off for now and I just can’t wait for some time off.

I sent my glass RX off to the fellow that makes my shooting glasses to see if my eyes had changed. He emailed me back and said that my RX had doubled for distance vision. I have been struggling for some time shooting and Marty Hill asked me if I had cataracts. So, I am headed to the ophthalmologist in the morning and then I will order some new glasses. Then we will head out to practice and go from there.

I talked to Hunter Galloway Sunday night and he was in Sparta for the ATA executive board meeting. When they arrived in St. Louis at the airport it was snowing, and the roads were just as bad. They traveled for several miles and could only go about 15 miles an hour. Suddenly it cleared up and it looked like it hadn’t been snowing at all. He will be returning Wednesday and hopefully he will have safe travels.

With Christmas just around the shoot calendar is winding down only to crank back up in 2020. I have included the NCTA 2020 calendar and the BIG50 calendar for 2020. Brushy Mountain Gun Club is shooting this Saturday and you should have gotten and email last week. I checked the ATA website and they do not publish a program. Only 90 miles from Jamestown and weather looks ok with a high of 47. NCTA shoot link - - BIG50 link -

I got word that John Crook passed away. He evidently fought a battle with cancer and has gone on to be with his wife and not sure when she passed away. He was a great dresser and always dressed to shoot trap in any weather. Not sure if I ever remember him wearing shorts. I will have to dig through some archives to find pictures of him. He will be sorely missed, and we will post his obit info and soon as we get it.

Marty Hill and Greg High visited Fred Rutherford considering Fred is back in the hospital in Morganton. Not sure what is ailing him at this time but the last time he had some surgery. Please remember the Crook family and Fred in your prayers.

I talked to Lewis Wyatt over the weekend and he sounded great. The time before I called he was out working in his shop and really was low on energy to get around. He really wants to get back to shooting and really misses hanging out at the gun club. If you have his cell number, please give him a call and if you don’t just call or email me and I will give it to you.

That is about it and my next smoke report will be right before Christmas. This is a joyous time for some and a rather sad time for others. If you know someone that is alone this Christmas, please reach out to them to let them know someone cares about them.

Have a great week everybody and hopefully you can get all of your shopping and wrapping done this week. Hello to Lou, Scott, Lewis, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week…………smokem

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