June 7th Smoke Report

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June 7th Smoke Report

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Hello and good morning to all. Great weekend with a few showers on Sunday afternoon to make things even steamier. Looking forward to the weather this week it looks hot and rainy every day. Oh well heck it is June after all.

Unless you live under a rock the North Carolina State Shoot starts on Wednesday. Marty Hill has classified over 200 shooters and PreSquad.com filled up quite nicely when I checked it late Sunday night. You just never know who is going to show up for the championship weekend.

As far as I know shells will be available for folks that are shooting the events. Not sure what flavors are available for sale, and you can contact Bob Schultz for that information. Do not depend on the Forest City Walmart for shells like we did back in the day.

I would imagine that the motels are pretty busy and hopefully you have a room for the trapshoot. Most of these hotels have a minimal breakfast and barely enough to eat. The Denny’s across from the Community College has always been good for a great breakfast. There are a lot of restaurants in the are but the one we always for to is Scoggins. Google it and yes, it is a hole in the wall place, but the food has always been great.

The Alabama State shoot just wrapped up and I talked to one of Alabama’s finest Sunday night Jesse Burgher. He is coming to the state shoot Thursday and will commence to shooting on Friday. He attended the Dixie in 2020 and that is where we first met. We ran into him at the South Carolina State shoot and got to eat dinner with him one night at the Hickory Tavern. Hopefully, you will run into him this week at the shoot.

Checking the weather, it looks like hot and a chance of rain and thunderstorms every single day. Of course, believing the weatherman can be tough but sometimes they do get a forecast right. In 2019 at the State Shoot it rained so hard on Friday the Homegrounds decided to abandon the ERADS and go back to the microphone systems. The circuit boards just were not designed for the rain and that caused the issues.

Have you found any shells yet? I personally have not found a store that is selling shells in flats. Not one store in Greensboro that is. I have found Winchesters at Sports Academy, and someone said they recently had Gun Clubs. I also found a link to order Federal shells and they are super pricey.

It is hard to believe that Lewis Wyatt passed away a year ago. He was a great man and one heck of a shot. I used to think he called for the bird by saying pup? Not sure exactly what he said but it got the job done. He loved to camp and fish and shoot around the country.

Ok folks that is about it for this week and I hope everyone has a great week. For those of you traveling to the state shoot we hope to see you there. I will not be shooting every event and I hope to get some pictures if at all possible. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy, Tim, Thea and Anne and until next week………smokem
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