November 4th Smoke Report

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November 4th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:29 pm

Greetings and what a nice weekend to get out and shoot a bit. I did two of my favorite things yesterday and they were lining 40 kitchen cabinets and a birthday party at Chucky Cheese.

Couple of shoots this week with the LCPBIG50 the 6th and the Toys for Tots shoot the 10th at Buckhorn. I posted some old pix last week on the smoke report of the event and days gone by.

Not sure exactly when the Toys for Tots event was held for the first time? I will check with the grand poobah Jimmy Wilson for that answer. Jimmy seems to think it was early 2000 and I didn’t start digital pix until 2004.

Anyway, the T4T event brings folks out and more of course when the weather is good. Looks like a good day with 56 as the high and mid 30’s early in the morning. That should be perfect for the Watauga crew as they have announced they will attend.

Noticed on FB that Bob Schultz has announced spring kits to replace the rubber bands on the PAT trap. Evidently, they will throw a consistent target regardless of change of temperature. It looks like they are already being tested in North Carolina and so far, so good…

I have been digging through 15 years of digital photos preparing for the Hall of Fame banquet in April 2020. It was tough running across all the shooters that have gone on to that big trapfield in the sky. I would try to name them all, but it is a bunch. I really want to start a section on the site called “Gone but not forgotten” as a tribute to those that enjoyed shooting trap.

Looks like All-American trapshooter Harlan Campbell will be holding two two-day shooting clinics at the Rockingham Gun Club. The dates are April 2&3 and 4&5 2020. The weekend class is already full, but the Thursday/Friday clinic has 4 spots available. Jeff Allen is the contact person and his cell is 336-816-5948.

Have a great week everybody and hopefully the cooler weather will be to your liking. Hello to Lou, Scott, Lewis, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week…………………….smokem

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