Charley A. Rinehart Finished Career

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Charley A. Rinehart Finished Career

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Lane Murray broke the news of the passing of the "Virginia Gentleman" Charley Rinehart. He evidently went to sleep Tuesday night and never woke up. I know that it is a shock for the entire trapshooting family.
Please remember his wife and family during this time and I am not sure of any arrangement information to pass on. He loved shooting in North Carolina and shot his last registered birds at Buckhorn August 12th.

#8501881 - Charley registered 62,200 singles, 35,750 handicap and 27,650 doubles. He registered 3000 targets during the 2011 target season.

He always showed up to the club neatly dressed and color coordinated. I enjoyed watching him use a small paint brush to apply his grease to his blond wood Perazzi Combo. I never heard him say anything negative about anybody or anything all the time I knew him.

He will be sorely missed and the upcoming shoot at the Rock just won't be the same without him. Charley you were one heck of a man and one heck of a shooter.
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