Buckhorn 3/18/2018

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Buckhorn 3/18/2018

Post by straightaway » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:01 pm

A Sunday without rain......who'd a thunk it! Decent crowd showed up at BGC this morning with 15 for singles, and 14 each for handicap and doubles.

It was nice to see Lewis Wyatt there and shooting. Got to talk with him for just a few minutes and he said he felt better than he had for a bit, comes and goes. Lewis has always been one of the most personable guys you could ever run into.

Brandon Matthews showed up along with his Mom, Ann. Now, it was 46* in the parking lot at 9:00 and there she was in bare feet as usual. I can think of just one time in the last few years that I've seen her with anything other than polish covering her toes. I honestly believe she's tougher than Randy Jones.........

Gary was telling me that the kids have been shooting FFA events in the last little bit and that the locals showed very well in their recent championships.

It's great to see the young people involved in the shooting sports and not bending to the ignorant hype being blasted by the media and the uninformed kool aid drinkers.......

Lets see what happened

Champ - Brandon Mathhews 94
A - Walter Mabe 90
B - Ray Yazdi 91
C - Eric Sherer 87
D - Lewis Wyatt 84
Lady - Taylor Horner 81
Sr Vet - Glenn Alford 86
Vet - Joe Nalley 87
Sub Vet - Ron Costanzo 85
Jr - Ean Wagoner 89
S Jr - Ben Snell 91

Champ - Ray Yazdi 91
Short - Eric Sherer 86
Mid - Glenn Alford 88
Inter - Brandon Matthews 90
Lady - Taylor Horner 76
Sr Vet - George Ponton 72
Vet - Chuck Woody 87
Sub Vet - Walter Mabe 83
Jr - Ean Wagoner 79
S Jr - Colton Freitas 81

Champ - Brandon Matthews 94
B - Perry Kemp 81
C - Walter Mabe 89
D - Ray Yazdi 80
Lady - Taylor Horner 63
Sr Vet - George Ponton/Glenn Alford 70
Jr - Ean Wagoner 78
S Jr - Charles Pennington 72

HOA Brandon Matthews

And that is that!

Plenty of activity on the shoot calendar, get as much you can!

See you next time where ever it is! Travel Safe. Dan

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