Buckhorn Dec 3, 2017

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Buckhorn Dec 3, 2017

Post by straightaway » Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:18 pm

December what? Mid 60s, sunny blue skies and just a little breeze. A small crowd turned out to enjoy the weather, friends, and breaking a few targets.

Good/bad news......Buckhorn's resident pie man is leaving the immediate area. Kevin Biss is going to relocate near Charlotte as he goes to instructor flight training. If you never had any of Kevin's homemade pie you missed out. Seriously. That's the bad news. The good news, according to Kevin is that he'll be that much closer to Bostic.......

Our boy Hop-a-Long will be going under the knife in a couple weeks. I'm sure that's just what Jeri wanted to do for her Christmas break, babysit the curmudgeon while he convalesces.....imagine changing the diapers....errrrr Depends on THAT one..........

Good scores were had in all events. We had 17 for singles, 18 for handicap and 13 for doubles.

Champ- Randy Jones 98
AA - Tiffany Decker 95
A- Tim Crabtree 95
B- Jon Reitz 92
C- Eric Sherer 94
D- Bobby Jones 96
Sr Vet - Charlie Brown 91
Vet- Joe Nalley 86
Sub Vet- Perry Kemp 95
Lady- Karole Miller 92 (there ya go Kupcake)
Sub Jr- Ben Snell 93

Champ- Ed Rabenda (+.5 yd)
Short- Eric Sherer 84
Mid- Randy Jones 88
Inter- Charlie Brown 89
Long- John Miller 81
Sr Vet- Glenn Alford 83
Vet- Brad Barnett 69
Sub Vet- Marty Hill 82
Lady- Karole Miller 85
Sub Jr- Charles Pennington 83

Champ- John Miller 96
A- Charlie Brown 89
B- Marty Hill 78
C- Randy Jones 81
D- Glenn Alford 86
Lady- Tiffany Decker 96 (forfeit)
Sub Jr- Charles Pennington 76

HOA- Charles C Brown Jr

That's that! Please travel safe if your going anywhere for the Christmas Season.

Let's all take a moment to remember what these Holidays are truly about and be thankful for the family and friends that we have and the opportunity to spend the most valuable thing any of us have, time, with those we enjoy the most.

See you next time wherever it is! Dan
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Re: Buckhorn Dec 3, 2017

Post by smokem » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:37 pm

Morg Shaw or somebody took some pix and here you go......

Shooting action at BGC




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