LCP Shoots October 14th & 18th, 2017

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LCP Shoots October 14th & 18th, 2017

Post by smokem » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:40 pm

10/18/17 Big 50 Results
Great conditions this week. Very little wind, sunny and temps in the 70’s. We had 13 shooters
compete this week. Dave Eslinger was top gun in singles with a 47. Nice shooting Dave. Rich Long
broke a 44 for second. David Barron and Pat Childers tied for third with a pair of 43’s. Two 38’s shot
by Kevin Bakley and Harold Smith took fourth.
We got in a round of handicap this week with six shooters competing. Rich Long was top dog in caps
from the 23 yard line with a 44. David Barron finished second with a 36 and Pat Childers third with a
35. Handicap continues to be a real challenge on this field.
The T&F report for this week’s Big 50 with all the registered winners is attached.
Many thanks to all who attended and helped clean up following the shoots

10/14/17 Monthly 100 Bird Trap Shoot Results
Nine shooters competed last Saturday. Nathan Snyder was the top gun in both singles with an 86 and
caps with a score of 84. Way to go Nathan. Michael Kato finished second in singles with an 85.
David Barron and Dave Eslinger tied for third with a pair of 83’s and Pat Childers took fourth with an
81. Michael Kato was also second in caps with a 75 and David Barron took third with a 71.
The next monthly registered trap shoot is Saturday November 25th. Registration is at
9:00 a.m. and shooting starts at 10 a.m. Club gate opens at 9 AM. We will start shooting as soon as
we have a squad ready to go. Come early if you want to shoot a practice round. You must be an ATA
member to participate. New shooters can join the ATA that morning if they wish to participate. We will
shoot 100 singles from the 16 yard line. After that we may shoot 100 handicap and/or 50 doubles if
there are three shooters interested, time permitting. All shooters will pay a $6 registration fee ($3 to
the NC ATA & $3 to ATA) plus $6 per round of 25 shot.

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