LCP BIG50 9/13/2017

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LCP BIG50 9/13/2017

Post by smokem » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:44 pm

09/13/17 Big 50 Results

Warmed up a little this week to about 85 degrees. Sunny and no wind except for an occasional gust. We had 11 shooters this week. Top Gun this week was David Barron who tied with Michael Kato. Both shot 48 so did a reverse on the second round when both David and Michael ran 25 and then forward on the first 25 to determine David was the winner. Michael was the runner up and Pat Childers finished third with a 47. Bill Boston was fourth with 45 and Dave Eslinger fifth with a 44.

Handicap attracted 8 shooters with Dave Eslinger topping all with a 44. David Barron was next with a 42 and third place was a tie when Pat Childers and Bill Mortensen shot 38’s. A pair of 37’s tied for fourth shot by Bill Boston and Harold Smith.

Low Country finished the 2017 ATA year with 44,150 registered targets thrown compared to 17,400 registered targets in 2016. That’s an increase of 253%. We should have no trouble throwing 50,000 targets in 2018 if we are not flooded out for three weeks like last October. Thanks to all our shooters for making 2017 a banner year!!!

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