LCP BIG50 8/30/2017

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LCP BIG50 8/30/2017

Post by smokem » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:49 pm

08/30/17 Big 50 Results

What a great day for shooting this week. No wind, no rain, partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid
80’s. We had 12 shooters compete for Top Gun in singles this week. There were three 45’s shot by
Wayne Averill, David Barron and Mike Petrone for the high score this week. David was declared the
winner after a couple of coin flips. Bill Mortensen was one target back and finished second with a 44.
Mike Anselmo, Harold Smith and Fred Truelove all tied for third with 43’s.

The nice conditions encouraged more handicap shooters to compete this week. We fielded nine
shooters for caps. David Barron was alone at the top in caps with another 45. Pat Childers finished
second with a 39 and third place was taken by Bill Mortensen with a 37.

The 2017 ATA year finished with this shoot. We start with clean slates for 2018 next week.
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