Buckhorn 6/18/2017 AIM Chicken Dinner Shoot

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Buckhorn 6/18/2017 AIM Chicken Dinner Shoot

Post by straightaway » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:38 pm

Hot, humid, sweaty.....it was a three shirt day, one for every event...... There was a light breeze that messed with the targets from time to time, just enough to keep everyone on their toes.

The AIM shooters and their parents treated the Buckhorn crowd to one of the most delicious chicken dinners you could imagine. It was soooo good that they've been invited back to do it again! It was complimented with some of Karole's chocolate tornado concoction stuff along with a plethora of homemade ice cream, cole slaw, tater salad, pie and cake, etc.

Let's all take a moment to congratulate Ean Wagoner for winning the individual AIM title at the State Shoot. Good shooting young man! He won a beautiful leather bag for his efforts that I believe he's been sleeping with and wearing like a man purse when he's awake..........

The cake was to celebrate Karole reaching the 25,000 singles milestone. Congratulations dear lady, well done.

Steve Newton visited from Virginia. He shoots out of Fort Lee there. I believe he had a Buckhorn style big ol' time and promised to return and drag some friends along with.

We had good scores shot in all 3 events. There were 25 shot singles, 22 for handicap and 10 of us melted our way through the doubles.

Champ - John Miller 100
AA - Dan Johnson 97
A- Karole Miller 97
B -Gail Page 98
C- Kai Li 97
D- Scarlett Su 94 (highest score ever for her)
S Vet -Charles Brown 96
Vet -Steve Morgan 93
S Jr- Jackson Phillips 87

Champ - Kai Li 93 (+ .5 yd to 20.5)
Short - Steve Newton 89
Mid - Glenn Alford 79
Inter - Marty Hill 92 (ya, he was counting.....)
Long - Charlie Brown 90
Vet - Ed Rabenda 88
S Jr - Ean Wagoner 88
Lady - Karole Miller 89

Champ - JD Goodwin 93
AA - Dan Johnson
A - Charlie Brown 85
D - Jeff Abarbanell 83
S Vet - Glenn Alford 77
S Jr - Charles Pennington 71
Lady - Karole Miller 83

Kentucky and Virginia State Shoots are on hand in a couple weeks and there was talk of some of the NC crowd attending one or the other.

Southern Zone cranks up with the Homegrounds being one of the sites for this telephonic event. Hope to see you there.

That's it for now. Travel Safe and see you next time wherever it is, Dan

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