Watauga May 27 Scores

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Watauga May 27 Scores

Post by Spy100 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:45 pm

Watauga May 27 Scores

Hey guys hate I'm running so far behind trying to finish up on this shot reclaim project. But we got it bagged up and shipped out just in time for our May 27th ATA shoot. We had a great day for trap shooting and a great group of young shooters rolled in.

In the singles we had a ole man come up the mountain by the name of George Ponton and he took top honors with a 98. But he wasn't finished with that, he went back out and topped everyone in handicap with a score of 96. We where able to run someone out to stop the pain in doubles. Morgan Shaw showed what a little practice will do with a top score of 97. But as hard as Morgan tried he couldn't take George for HOA who finished up the day 282X300. Now for the rest of the scores.

Saturday May 27, 2017

Number of shooters 26
Champion George Ponton 98
AA Class Morgan Shaw 93
A Class Joe Bouvrette 94 flip over John Waters
B Class Will Price 96 flip over Doug Hatley
C Class Randy Jones 95
D Class Margaret Johnson 93
Sub Junior Tyler Ward 91
Vet Doug Hatley 96
Sr Vet Harold Soutier 90

Number of shooters 25

Champion George Ponton 96
Long Yardage Noah Gouge 93
Mid Yardage John Waters 88
Short Yardage Randy Jones 92 flip over Will Price

Number of shooters 16

Champion Morgan Shaw 97
AA Class Noah Gouge 95
B Class Joe Bouvrette 89
C Class Gerald Sparks 89
D Class Will Price 88

George Ponton 282x300
Morgan Shaw 277x300
Will Price 276x300

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