Buckhorn 5/13/2017

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Buckhorn 5/13/2017

Post by straightaway » Sat May 13, 2017 3:54 pm

14 shooters showed up Saturday for the 1st of two days of shooting this weekend. I'm guessing the weather forecast scared many away. It turned out to be a great day for it with overcast skies and only moderate wind. The temp was quite comfortable for T shirt wearing.

Good contingent of youth shooters showed up, it sure is fun watching them learn and compete in this wonderful sport we all love/hate so much.

Mr. soon-to-be AA Marty Hill was there as well. If you've been following the shoot reports lately, you'll notice that Mr. Hill has been breaking some big numbers. There are several of us that will be in attendance next week at the South Carolina State shoot. All of us are familiar with Jim Faber and will make sure that he is aware of Marty's demonstrated prowess with his Zoli and will HIGHLY recommend that he gets classified accordingly........

Charlie Brown showed up with a new-to-him Guerini and kicked everybody's ___ ___ ___ with it..... 46/50 in the doubles

We're shooting again tomorrow (Sunday) and John Miller will shoot at and hopefully break his 25,000th singles target. The resident invalid even intends to participate as John reaches this milestone in his shooting career. C'mon out and play with us as the weatherman is promising blue skies, and warm temperatures for the day.

Singles - 14 shooters
Champ - John Miller 197
AA - Dan Johnson 193 (blew it, don't want to talk about it)
A- Robert M Hill Jr 196
C - Camden Hill 158
D - Ben Snell 174
Lady - Taylor Horner 156
Sr Vet - Charlie Brown 190
Sub Jr - Jonathan Rogers 184
Jr - Ean Wagner 171

Doubles - 14 shooters
Champ - Charlie Brown 96
AA - Johnathan Miller 93
B - Karole Miller 92
C - Jonathan Rogers 69
D - Jackson Phillips 63
Lady - Taylor Horner 65
Junior - Ean Wagner 64
Sub Jr - Colton Frietas 69
Sub Vet - Dan Johnson

HOA - John Miller 290

The faithful again were in the trenches providing all the necessary ground support and even Ms. Mary was called in for lunch duty for Granny Jeri as she had obligations with her most precious person.

See you next time wherever it is, Dan.

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