DCWC - Sep 11th Shoot Report

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DCWC - Sep 11th Shoot Report

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It concerned as a beautiful day on the past Saturday. However, the Good Lord and Duke Energy had other plans for us again…… The first shoot in July 2021 was running under generator and this last shoot in 2021 ran under generator again. We have a very handy crew, and they are experts now. We were able to run three fields and started shoot on time. Thanks to those 26 shooters to be there for us – our regular shooter friends and two SCTP teams. Here are the relevant fact:

Singles (24 shooters) CHAMP: Larry High 95
AA: Charles Brown 94
A: Tom Brown 94
B: Ray Corona 94
C: Andy Clayton 92
D: David Nelson 83

Sr Vet: Edward Gideon 88
Sb Vet: Mark Spoon 92
Vet: Wayne Perry 83
JRGD: Caleb Mathis 92
JR: Caitlyn Shandra 80
SBJR: Connor Mathis 79
LD1: Gracie Marshall 84

Handicap (19 shooters) CHAMP: Andy Clayton 93 (0.5 yard punched)
Short: Ray Corona 88
Inter: Kenneth Cox 84
Mid: Tom Brown 88
Long: Mark Spoon 85

Sr Vet: Larry High 87
Sb Vet: Leslie Long 84
Vet: James Brown 76
LD1: Gracie Marshall 88
JRGD: Caleb Mathis 90
SBJR: Connor Mathis 56

Doubles (10 shooters) CHAMP: Caleb Mathis 95
A: Larry High 90
B: Tom Brown 92
C: Ray Corona 86
D: Peter Titan 57

Sr Vet: Charles Brown 86
Vet: Andy Clayton 85
LD1: Gracie Marshall 87
SBJR: Connor Mathis 61

HOA: Caleb Mathis 277
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Re: DCWC - Sep 11th Shoot Report

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Thanks for posting the shoot report and the pictures!!!!!
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