Buckhorn Birthday Bash 2/23/2020

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Buckhorn Birthday Bash 2/23/2020

Post by straightaway » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:12 pm

What a beautiful day for shooting! We had the Birthday Bash at Buckhorn today and we're all very certain that Morris Carroll sent us this day of sunshine and blue skies (Feb 23 is Morris' birthday). Also, James and I each turned a year older (I believe I'm carrying it a little better than he is :lol: )

Had a good bunch show up and for the most part all events were shot in shirtsleeves! There were 21 singles shooters, 24 handicappers and 21 hammered away at the doubles. OK scores won all events though the wind took it's toll on all of us. We did have a shootoff in caps and SOMEONE reached a milestone - we'll see about that in a minute.

Tom Pitts and Lynn traveled down from Boone to tutor the Woody boys on the new 3S shoot software. Thanks a bunch Tom and Lynn, time is about the most precious thing any of us have and for you to donate yours is a BIG DEAL and truly is appreciated.

I don't remember exactly what all was there for lunch, but, I had some wonderful chili poured over some sweet cornbread. I'm here to tell you that is good eating right there! There was (as usual) a selection of goodies for dessert. I opted for Karole's Oreo casserole. I swear the "small" bowl I had of it musta weighed in at 5 lbs +..........

Champ- John Miller 97
AA- Dan Johnson 95
A- Walter Mabe 88
B- Jason Harris 91
C- Super Cooper Pennington 93
D- Jeffery Morris 91
Lady 1- Karole Miller 93
Lady 2- Donna Cornett 85
Sr Vet- Richard Drake 93
Vet- Curtis Odem 90
Sub Vet- Doug Monjeau 94
Jr- Joshua Brafford 94
Sub Jr- Dallie Lakey 83

Now for the Caps report. Mrs. Miller nearly grew roots on the 25.5 yard line but came off of there on a mission today on her way to a half yard that moved her to the 26. There were 3 tied with 89s. She intimidated Charlie Brown who forfeited then proceeded to whup up on Andy Szwarckop in two overtime rounds. Atta Girl Kupcake Karole!!

Champ- Karole Miller 89 (+.5 yard to the 26)
Short- Andrew Szwarckop 89 (+.5 yard to the 20.5)
Mid- Glenn Alford 86
Inter- Greg High 79
Long- John Miller 84
Lady 1- Taylor Horner 80
Lady 2- Donna Cornett 72
Sr Vet- Charles C Brown Jr 89 (+.5 yard to the 25)
Vet- Curtis Odem 78
Sub Vet- Doug Monjeau 85
Jr- Ean Wagoner 87
Sub Jr- Dallie Lakey 84

Champ- Dan Johnson 92
AA- John Miller 90
A- Greg High 84
B- Walter Mabe 82
C- Chris Powell 82
D- George Brown 86
Lady 1- Karole Miller 79
Lady 2- Donna Cornett 51
Sr Vet- Charlie Brown 87
Vet- Curtis Odem 69
Sub Vet- Darvin Cornett 81
Jr- Ean Wagoner 86
Sub Jr- Dallie Lakey 61

HOA- John Miller

That will wrap it up for today. Shoot schedules are filling up! Please support your local clubs as much as you can- they really are the backbone of our sport!

The Faithful had it in high gear today, we got past a couple of minor glitches and wrapped this thing up in typical BGC fashion. Treat yourself and c'mon out and play with us. You won't regret it I guarantee.

Shoot well, shoot often and be Safe! See you next time wherever it is! Dan

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