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We had 13 brave souls to show up this morning at Old Hickory to break clay targets on a cold and breezy day. The targets were sporty to say the least. Singles found 4 shooters tied with 91's and the shoot off to follow the completion of doubles. Joe Nalley, Nathan Snyder, Darlene Raiford and brand new ATA shooter Doyle Thigpen shot off for the singles championship. First round eliminated Doyle and Darlene. Nathan bested Joe in the second rou24/21. They had tied on the first box with 23's. The Handicap event had Doyle Thigpen winning the event with a 88, but no punch(only 10 shooters). The doubles event had Nathan Snyder proving to everyone again that a Model 12 is all you need to break a good score in doubles. Nathan had a 93 and it was hard to tell he was shooting a pump gun. Nathan also ended up taking the HOA with a 266. The shooters were treated to a Karole Miller lunch that was fit for a King. She had roasted pork loin, baked beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, rolls and one of her chocolate desserts. Karole said that anybody shooting in these conditions deserved a good lunch. There was quite a few of us that ate lunch without firing a shot. I need to thank Jeri Wilson, Jim Wilson and Judy(don't call me Lisa) Mabe for braving the cold conditions and scoring. Also need to thank John Miller and Jim Wilson for setting targets and loading houses. I think Rusty , Tim, Chuck and Joe also pitched in to load houses. Karole Miller also helped with the computer work.

Now for the rest of the story.

Singles (13 Shooters)
Champ - Nathan Snyder -91 23 - 24
A - Joe Nalley - 91 - 23 - 21
B - Doyle Thigpen - 91 - 20
D - Darlene Raiford - 91 - 19

Sub Vet - Tim Crabtree - 88
Vet - Albert Bost - 85
Sr Vet - Glenn Alford - 89

Handicaps (10 Shooters)
Champ - Doyle Thigpen - 88
Short - Darlene Raiford - 77
Mid - Nathan Snyder - 82

Sub Vet - Walter Mabe - 74
Vet - Albert Bost - 64
Sr Vet - Glenn Alford - 80

Doubles ( 8 Shooters)
Champ - Nathan Snyder - 93
B - Walter Mabe - 88
C - Joe Nalley - 77
D - Darlene Raiford - 71

Sub Vet - Bob Mizner - 69
Vet - Albert Bost - 65
Sr Vet - Chuck Woody - 79

HOA - Nathan Snyder - 91-82-93 - 266

Thanks again to all that attended and all that helped to put on this shoot. I hope to schedule some more shoots for Old Hickory next year.
Hope everyone has happy holidays and we hope to see you at Buckhorn next month.
Marty Hill

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