Watauga WingFling Scores

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Watauga WingFling Scores

Post by Spy100 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:03 pm

Watauga “Wing Fling 2019” Scores

One more year bites the dust and our last shoot for 2019 is in the books. The weather was a little overcast with no sun on the day, and as always there was the wind an rain dampened the doubles even . So not bad day after all.

But with all that we had a great turn out I think we had 42 shoot singles. And 37 took on the handicap targets. But the wind and rain reduced the numbers to 15 in doubles.
John did his usual job and put some great chicken wings on the table. People showing up just to eat, Lynn and the ladies served a great meal and I think everyone left happy and full.

Number of Shooters 42
Champion Brandon Cantrell 98 Ethan Jones and Martin Burklon
AA Class Tim Fields 96
A Class Joe Nalley 96
B Class Will Price 97 Flip Shawn Reese
C Class Martin Burklon 98
D Class Jeffery Morris 88
Junior Ethan Jones 98
Lady 1 Taylor Horner 85
Sub Jr Daniel Tollison Jr 87
Sub Vet Perry Kemp 93
Vet John Waters 93
Sr Vet Dennis Taylor 96

Number of Shooters 37
Champion Tim Fields 95
Long Joseph Trujullo 91
Mid Shawn Reese 92 Flip Will Price and Frank Perry
Short Joshua Bradford 93
Lady 1 Taylor Horner 84
Jr Brandon Cantrell 88
Sub Jr Garret Wagner 84
Sub Vet Perry Kemp 85
Vet Albert Bost 76
Sr Vet Charlie Brown 89

Number of Shooters 15
Champion Joe Nalley 90
A Class Richard Drake 78
B Class James Hughes 86
C Class Will Price 87
D Class Daniel Tollison Sr 84
Jr Joshua Bradford 75
Sub Jr Holden Watson 76
Vet Albert Bost 73

Will Price 276X300

Once again this has been another great year in the mountains shooting trap. I want to thank everyone that found their way to the club this year and shot. We really enjoy having you all. Then I have to thank Lynn and John Waters for the great meal.Thanks to ALL!!

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