Watauga 28th Wing Fling Cancelled

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Watauga 28th Wing Fling Cancelled

Post by Spy100 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:42 am

Hi All, Monday the area went thru what is now being called the worst flood since the 40's. And the fact that several of our neighbors are still
trying to get things in order. We are cancelling The Wing Fling ATA shoot this weekend.

The club had flooding in the club house and a lot of stuff was strewed over the grounds, the drive and the gate took a bad hit. But all in all we
came out pretty good. We had pulled the machines out of house three and four for the threat of flooding from the hurricanes earlier this month.
Trap one and two looks to be high and dry just lost some targets stored in them. You can go to the club website and see pictures of the clean-up.

So with that and the treat of the following forecast. Last night rain 90% starting with showers in the am and turning to hard rains in the afternoon
a high of 49 and winds of 18 mph. We took the high grounds and pulled the plug on this Saturday ATA match.

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